How to Properly Do Window Tinting for Long Lasting Results

Did you know that over 75 percent of UVA radiation can pass through almost all ordinary glass?

Yep, that’s right. The UVA we are talking about is one of the three common types of UV light from the sun. UV light is the same that causes skin aging signs, photoaging, and even wrinkles.

Also, an independent study has shown that UVA rays are behind the damage to the melanocyte cells. Therefore, UVA light may be a trigger to the development of cancer. But the good news is windshields in cars block most of the UVA radiation. However, most other windows don’t.

As such, it is vital that you should consider investing in tinted windows as soon as you can. Tinted windows are especially great in protecting from both the UVB and UVA light. But with so many tinting solutions in the market, how do you choose the best? And select the one that lasts longer? What exactly should you be looking for?

We believe you need information that would aid you in these questions. We have rounded up the essential advice that’ll help in evaluating a great option and an option that will last. Be sure to keep reading!

Make a List of What You Want From the Tint

Car window tints have always been of different forms; dyed, carbon, high visibility, ceramic, or metal. Each comes with its pros and cons. So, it is vital that you understand what you want from the window tint.

High Level of Protection From UV Rays

Ceramic tints will protect you from the sun’s UV rays for up to 99 percent. Also, they have a very high heat rejection rate that protects the car’s interiors. And since they reject heat without absorbing it, they are sure to last longer than the dyed tint.

Utmost Privacy

If you want tinted windows to boost privacy in your car, metalized and ceramic tints are your best bets. Make sure to check the state’s tint laws before going for the darkest shades. As you can imagine, the darkest shades are the ones most likely to be illegal.

Tints That Enhance Your Car’s Paint

Do you want to have a tint that doesn’t stray too far from your window’s original color? Metalized tint is a great option for you. The high-quality metalized tint will make your windows up to 95 percent darker. Their charcoal shades will match your window colors and boost the overall appeal of the car. And to top it off, they offer protection from UV rays. Also, they help cool your interiors by rejecting heat, and they last longer than cheap dyed tints.

Avoid “Too Good to Be True” Cheap Tints

Maybe you just want to darken your car’s windows on a budget. In this case, you might go for the low-priced dyed films. While it’s true that these products will reduce the heat penetrating your windows, they absorb heat rather than rejecting it. Therefore, they last just a couple of years and tend to form bubbles after a shorter time. Bubbling will reduce your car’s appeal. Indeed, cheap can be expensive.

Choose a Trusted Tint Brand

It is best to spend a little more on a tint that will last much longer. Experts at believe that a great tint brand should offer a warranty on the products to make the cost of high-quality products worth it. As always, don’t compromise the quality over price.

Invest in Professional Tinting

To ensure that your tint is well installed and lasts longer, make sure to get a skilled professional technician for the job. Tinting experts will give skills and tools that will deliver a proper job. Their job is safer, faster, and better. Remember, installing tinting involves preparation, curing, and a detailed post-treatment. Before applying the tint film, make sure the windows are clean, dry, and debris-free. Otherwise, creases and bubbles will ruin the film.

Also, the film itself should be of the same size as the window. In short, be precise with the cutting and use sharp tools. Incorrectly cut films show in the ugly gaps and spots it leaves on your windows. Then, be cautious not to damage or leave deep scratches on the glass with the cutting tools.

Choose a Dealer Offering Free Estimates

The cost of tint films depends on how dark you want them to be and the exact type you want. The model of your car also influences the total cost. With this many variables, make sure to know the estimates before committing.

Is There a Warranty?

While tinting experts are sure to do a perfect job and offer long-lasting services, make sure, these services are backed with a guarantee. In fact, guarantees are a sure way of knowing the installer is confident with their services.

Is There a Warranty

Keep the Sun’s Damaging UV Rays out of Your Car

There you have it, the ultimate tips on having high-quality and long-lasting tint on your car windows. For most car owners, ceramic is usually the top pick. But, for darker shades, metalized tint is the better option. Either way, these solutions are sure to protect your car’s interior from the dangerous UV rays. Just don’t forget to check the state’s laws on tinting your windows.