How to Modernize Your Home Fences

Your home is much more than just your house, it also involves your property, your yard, and everything extending out to it. Not everyone provides the same care for the outer edges of their property as they do for their home and everything inside. It is important to build and maintain everything, as it reflects on your property as a whole. If you have left your fencing outdated for years, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are some ways to modernize your home fences. Even if you have no idea of how to go around your project, our team can provide you with cost-effective and cinder block fence ideas to get you started.

Contemporary Designs

The easiest way to change the look of your home fences and provide them with a more modern look is to change them from the more traditional design choices to something more modern, such as the different types of fences offered by Zion Fence. Looking at some exterior design choices, one popular design choice is to opt for contemporary fence panels by changing their design orientation from vertical layouts to more horizontal ones. Many outdated design choices are simple with just using wood panels, but you can add pillars or incorporate uneven cuts to give a different look to your fencing. 

Contemporary Fence Designs

Adding a fence to your property can increase its value or give you much-needed seclusion. More than just a barrier to keep people and animals in or out, a well-built fence can also serve aesthetic purposes. Fences come in many different styles and heights and can be made of many different materials. With one of these beautiful fence ideas, you can frame your yard, add privacy and security, and make your home look better from the street.

fence with column image

1. Maintain High Style and Low Fences

Keeping the solid stucco wall low ensures it doesn’t take away from the home’s elegant curb appeal, and the intricate laser-cut gate gives it a lot of extra style points.

2. Arch-Top Fence for Privacy

This contemporary fence design is quite impressive. Because of its subtly striking color contrast and stunning round fence top, this fence stands out. Its distinctive curve, the arched top, undoubtedly produces a striking profile. This fence would be ideal for constructing a private and luxurious backyard paradise.

3. Use an arbor to add style

Adding an arbor improves your yard’s appearance regardless of your fencing style and personal preference. Installing a stone-pillared arbor with a spectacular display of vines on top makes your yard charming and even more picturesque.

4. Easton Yard Fencing

One of the most tried-and-true fence styles is the Easton yard fence; however, while this is a classic connotation, the Easton has a very different feel. This results from the inconsistent panel design that alternates parts of various widths. This fence works best as a barrier around a pool or to contain an energetic puppy.

5. X Style Fence

The X-shaped fence that may surround the house and extend into the backyard becomes a focal point for the outdoor dining area. The owners may rest easy knowing that children and pets are kept within the boundaries of the backyard thanks to the open, breezy design reinforced with scarcely perceptible chicken wire. Use an X-style fence design in bright white, blue, or soft gray to create a dimensional backdrop and stylish border for your outdoor space.

6. Add some stone to your iron fence

Stacked stone is the best way to create a timeless impression. A fence of black wrought iron fencing and basalt rock pillars offers a beautiful finishing touch to the surrounding area.

7. Glass Panels for Private Viewing and Privacy

You are genuinely spending extra money on the view if you get a beachfront home. To conveniently separate your yard from that of your neighbor, this contemporary glass fence, mostly made of tempered glass, will allow you to enjoy the view while experiencing peaceful privacy. The transparent glass panels provide expansive beach views and serve as a windbreak.

8. Try a Traditional White Picket Fence

Your yard will have a lovely, modern appearance with a white picket fence. To create a cottage-style, cozy atmosphere, surround the area with roses and various perennial and annual flowers.

9. Consider using a geometric design

This Chippendale-inspired design demonstrates that wooden fence panels don’t always have to be made of only adjacent boards. These low, specially made panels enclose the deck of the house and the backyard, and their open layout provides unobstructed views of both spaces.

10. Add some grass

This combo shows an amazing display of ornamental grasses against a lovely low fence. Use a similar, low-profile design to take advantage of the surroundings while keeping children and pets safely enclosed.

Different Material

When you are looking at different home fencing designs and options, one of the things that can help make a difference to appear with a more modern look is utilizing different materials that look more up to date and give off a more modern aesthetic. Using a combination of materials can also provide a fresh new take or change on the more traditional look of your fences. This will vary depending on your budget and personal preferences for different design elements.   You could even try to do a custom design with your yard or try installing a vinyl fence that surely will last for decades.  Just remember that when you are working with a multitude of materials, you will also have to adjust to working with them with many different tools. Using cement, glass, or metal wiring and frames will differ greatly from the use of wood parts, so you have to factor these aspects into any landscape or design projects.

Different Type Fencing Material

Many kinds of fences are on the market, from classic to contemporary designs. Fencing is most frequently made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, and chain link. Each of these materials has distinctive qualities, such as cost-effectiveness, maintenance requirements, and durability. 

If you’re looking to give your home’s fences a modern touch, seeking guidance from industry experts like Viking Fence can provide insights and ideas for achieving a fresh and contemporary look that complements your property’s overall style and design.

1. Cedar

Cedar is the most popular material for backyard privacy fencing, known for its long-lasting good looks, including a tight grain, few knots, and an attractive red color. You may customize the planks to create various designs, such as saddleback and lattice-topped. However, a fence made of cedar will require maintenance, such as periodic replacement of planks, since it gradually weathers to a silvery gray color. To make your cedar fence last long, apply a penetrating wood sealer after installation and every year after for additional protection. 

2. Brick Wall Fence

For centuries, people have used brick wall fences to add security, seclusion, and aesthetic appeal to their homes. These fencing materials add style and class to the fence and are tested for durability. If you live next to a busy road, a brick wall fence is an excellent privacy fence option because it helps to block sounds from the road. It makes your house more secure and makes the walls look fashionable.

3. Redwood

Redwood lumber is inherently resistant to pests, insects, rot, warping, and shrinkage, making it an excellent choice for fencing material. However, Redwood is considerably more expensive than other types of wood. Its natural brilliance and malleability make it worth the price. This material requires maintenance, including light sanding and applying oil or sealer.

4. Aluminum Fence

Due to their durability, an aluminum fence is typically used in commercial settings. Aluminum is a low-maintenance material that is very simple to clean. Even though aluminum is relatively low-maintenance and simple to install, the primary cost of aluminum fencing is higher than that of most materials.

5. Metal

A metal fence complements almost any home exterior, with options ranging from the traditional to the modern. Aside from having a timeless appearance, wrought iron fences have withstood centuries of fashion changes. Modern metal fencings options like cast iron, aluminum, and steel combine the durability of wrought iron with a panel installation that is more do-it-yourself friendly. When wrought iron and some steel fences begin to show indications of corrosion, treat them with a brush-on or spray-on rust-inhibiting paint. These fencing materials require less upkeep and are not very expensive.

Refinishes and Repaints

One great way to modernize your home fencing without having to change up your physical layout or structure is through refinishing your current wood fence. A new coat of paint or wood finish can do wonders to an older fence and be a time-saver that does not require you to dedicate much energy or time to rebuilding the perimeter of your fence. Many darker colors provide a more modern look and finish and can breathe new life into your fence. This is probably the more cost-effective solution to modernizing your fences as you do not need to invest much money aside from the paint or coating itself.

Decorations and Frames

One great way to give your yard and fence a makeover is to add different decorative elements to the fence. These can be things like frames or statues that change the feel of your fence to something more aesthetic. Having statues can date back to older times, but with the right fence build and material, as well as the right paint and color of your perimeter, statues can add a little character to something that might appear a little blander in terms of your fence.

Plants and Foliage

Fences can appear too artificially constructed and create a cold atmosphere when it comes to your home, depending on the design and material you choose. One way to bring a little life to the exterior of your home and yard is to incorporate different plants and shrubbery. You can even outfit your fences with hanging plants or flower pots that add a little character and color to your otherwise bland looking fences. 

Lighting and Lamps

One way that you can modernize the look of your fence is with a little light here and there. As mentioned, you can incorporate different elements into the structure of your fence and one way that also utilizes light is by adding lamps on top of columns. This creates a perimeter that not only has a different modern look to your yard but also provides a way to illuminate your home space. This is perfect for homes with larger yards and those that like to spend time in them, perhaps hosting barbecues or backyard parties. Having lamps already built into your fencing means you don’t need to try and figure out how to get extra light to keep the party going at night. This is also great for security to help always keep your yard visible.

You should be caring for your fences as you do with the rest of your yard and home. You can make changes and upgrades here and there that carry more value and show more improvement than you would otherwise expect. Consider your own taste and if certain modern approaches fit your style and compliment the rest of your home.