How To Keep Your Husband’s Beard Strong and Healthy

A Little Beard History  

Men have grown beards for warmth, intimidation, and protection since the dawn of time.

  • Prehistoric men’s facial hair kept them warm and shielded their mouths from sand, dirt, and other factors. A man’s face with a beard gave the impression of a stronger jawline and made him appear more frightening.
  • The Egyptians sported metal fake beards that were attached to the face with a ribbon looped over their heads.
  • Beard oil was used by the Mesopotamian civilizations to maintain the health of their beards.
  • The Persians colored their beards an orange-red tint while the Assyrians dyed theirs black. Long beards were seen as a sign of wisdom and respect in ancient Turkey and India.
  • Beards were a symbol of honor in ancient Greece, and they were only shaved as a punishment.
  • In order to promote hygiene, the ancient Romans tended to have their beards well-groomed and cropped (616–578 BCE).
  • The “Chin Curtain” beard, made popular by Abraham Lincoln, the “Chinstrap” beard, worn by American philosopher Henry David Thoreau, and the “Friendly Muttonchops” beard worn by English heavy metal musician Lemmy Kilmister are just a few examples of the various beard styles that have evolved over time. Additionally common are the “Goatee” and the “Horseshoe Mustache.”

For men, beards are like makeup. They add an irresistible masculine allure to any guy, not to mention that when styled correctly, a beard can become a fashion statement in itself. However, we gals do not know how hard it is for some guys to grow a healthy beard. In fact, beard hair is just like any other part of the human body; it requires nourishment to stay in tip-top condition. If your hubby has been trying to grow his beard but to no avail, you may be able to step in and help him by employing some simple tricks. Want to know more? Just keep on reading. And you can also order the best beard comb australia here. 

Change His Shower Routine

When it comes to hygiene, men think that all toiletries are multi-purpose products. If your husband is like most guys, chances are that he uses his shampoo as a shower gel and face wash! Standard shampoo brands are great for hair, but beards require a special kind of nourishment that is usually not found in these products. The easiest way to help your husband get the beard of his dreams is to buy him a beard wash. Such washes often include a combination of oils that encourage beard growth. You can even make one at home for your hubby using a few simple ingredients: avocado oil, distilled water, and castile soap. You may also add a couple of drops of avocado oil since it promotes skin healing. Using a special beard wash two times a day is a guaranteed way of growing a full, healthy beard.

Make Him Try Derma Rolling

We ladies have seen first-hand the miraculous results of derma rolling, and it is time to introduce your partner to this revolutionary skin treatment. If you are not already familiar with derma rolling, it is a technique that relies on making small punctures in the skin to promote healing and collagen production.

Derma rolling is generally used before applying serums and oil onto the skin to help it absorb these products faster. However, how can this technique promote beard growth?

When asked about this, expert dermatologists replied that micro-needling can be very effective in treating a myriad of skin conditions, and its perks go beyond helping your skin produce more collagen. In fact, you can let your husband use it for his beard, and it has been reported to improve blood circulation and thus boosts hair growth. Of course, using a derma roller alone will not give your significant other fast results. It must be used in tandem with beard oils and other supplements for optimal effect. Just make sure that the needles of the roller you are buying him are not too big or too small. Go for one that has 0.5-1mm needles.

Buy Him a Beard Oil

As we have mentioned, beard oils can be a great addition to your husband’s routine, especially when used with a derma roller.

When choosing a beard oil for your hubby, make sure that it is not mainly made of essential oils. Even though essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus have amazing properties, they can cause skin irritation and breakouts at high concentrations. 

To choose the best oil, we recommend that you quickly go through the ingredient list of different brands and eliminate the ones that contain allergy-inducing ingredients. Because you do not want to waste money on a product that your husband may end up hating, try to find the smallest bottle available of the brand you want to buy. This way, he can test it out and see if it agrees with his skin.

Trim It

Growing a beard can be super itchy, so it only makes sense that your husband may want to get rid of it or trim it down just after a week. However, if he is looking forward to having a full, luscious beard, he should not touch it before the four-week mark of not shaving. Once a month has passed, you can help him shape it. Luckily, there are dozens of styles he can go for, including a goatee, a boxed beard, or a Balbo. You can also use a small beard comb or brush to help him get the shape he wants.

In any case, your husband should not trim his beard if it still has some bald patches. In the meantime, encourage him to use oils and continue using his derma roller for quick improvement. 

As you can see, growing a healthy beard is not rocket science, but it requires some patience and time. It is important to reassure him during the transitional phase, as his stubble may start looking a bit wonky after several days of not shaving. However, this awkward phase only lasts 1-2 weeks, so it is crucial not to lose hope! With the above tips, your husband will have a swoon-worthy beard in just a few short weeks.

Stay Healthy

Your husband’s beard is an outer reflection of his inner health. If he wants a thick, healthy beard, make it a part of his overall healthy lifestyle. That includes eating a balanced diet that includes these vitamins, all of which contribute to having a healthy beard:

  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – This nutrient keeps the skin healthy, promotes healthy blood circulation, and contributes to proper hair growth. Good sources are legumes, salmon, and chicken breast.
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin) – Biotin helps increase the body’s production of keratin, the protein that makes up the structure of the skin, hair, and nails. That ensures the hair stays healthy, strong, and undamaged. He can get vitamin B7 from eggs, salmon, avocado, sweet potato, and other natural sources.
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D balances hormones, supports testosterone production, and contributes to healthy hair follicles. The body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, but can also be sourced from nuts, dairy, and supplements.
  • Vitamin E – A powerful antioxidant and moisturizer, vitamin E strengthens and hydrates the hair to protect it from damage and ensure healthy growth. Vitamin E can be had in the diet through spinach and other leafy greens, beans, avocados, and soybeans. 

Apart from a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrients, getting plenty of sleep each night and quitting smoking will also help him take care of his beard.

Remember, the way a husband’s beard grows is mostly dictated by genetics. So while he can’t control some aspects of his facial hair, he can maintain his beard well and ensure that it looks great every day.