How to Find the Right Baby Name That Suits Your Little Bundle of Joy

You may already be jotting down many options to name your forthcoming bundle of joy. But you should know that many parents name their child by falling prey to the latest trends and regret it later. The right way to select unique baby names is to avoid such traps.

That said, deciding on the perfect baby name can be quite challenging and thrilling at the same time. So, here are some useful tips for finding an ideal name for your boy or girl:

Consider Your Family Tree

This tip is one of the first things that may come to your mind. While naming a child after their grandma or grandpa is nothing new, you can also try to go a little farther in the past.

Go back two or more generations and see if you can find any unique names. Paul, Mary, Elizabeth, and similar names have been around for centuries. While they may seem dull, you can make more elegant choices, like Miles, Melvin, or Willa.

Look to Popular Culture

Names of celebrities and their kids will trend at all times. But you can find obscure gems hidden and tucked away in retro times. Dig a little deeper to discover names like Ingrid, Humphrey, and Vivien.

Or, turn to classic literature and characters by Shakespeare or Tolstoy. Ophelia and Tatyana may be great options if you like your baby’s name to command respect and ooze grace.

However, ensure that they are not misspelled. Otherwise, it will leave your child to explain and spell out their name every time they meet someone new.

Think of Possible Nicknames

As regal as it may sound, names like Regina have some drawbacks. Please remember that at times other kids can be cruel and can tease your child as Ra-jay-jay. Your baby girl may be dodging her friends on the playground during recess.

Maybe there is a reason why Billie, and not Willie, is the short form of William. The same goes for names like Richard, where people call them either Rick or Dick.

Similarly, consider the middle name and initials. Your last name is Lewis, and you named your son Larry Oliver; so, it is LOL!

Write down the full name and initial combos first before naming your child something even bizarre.

Honor Your Heritage

Choosing baby names is an essential part of your legacy. Your children will be carrying that identity all their life. For instance, the name Chastity may be trending, but it means sexual abstinence.

If that is what you believe in, go ahead. Instead of going with the latest fad, pick something meaningful to you. Select something rooted in your culture, like your native land or mythology.

For instance, if you are part Greek, choose Linus, Lysander, or Isidore for your baby boy. Furthermore, you can look up famous personalities and their work that strike a chord with you.

Or, if you think that people will have to grow to like them, choose cute-but-weird names. For example, Kim Kardashian’s daughter is named North West, and Jamie Oliver’s children are Buddy Bear and River Rocket.

Without a doubt, someday, someone will ask you the significance of the moniker you gave your baby. This way, you will have some information to tell them.