How to Encourage Children to Play Outside

In case your kids have developed a habit of playing indoors or partaking in structured activities, it can be hard to get them to go out more often and spend time in the outdoors without a proper plan. It is important to show them that they can still pursue some of their favorite hobbies outdoors. If your child enjoys taking pictures on their smartphone or tablet, you can suggest taking photos of trees, birds, or nature in general, instead of just selfies. Also, it can be helpful to them how to use different types of cameras besides their smartphone camera. This can help your child discover a hidden passion for birdwatching or nature photography.

If they love playing building simulation games such as Minecraft, you might find that they have a thing for building actual things. You can explore this by helping them create blueprints and collect materials to construct a birdhouse, or perhaps a treehouse. For children who love drawing or painting indoors, they might enjoy finding materials for a nature-based craft project. Showing interest and being more involved in your child’s hobbies can help make them more willing and open to new ways of doing things such as outdoor play. For those who are starting airsoft, open the given link to read a comprehensive guide.

Coordinate Efforts With Other Parents

By teaming up with other parents, you can help provide more room for your child to roam and explore.

Kids benefit a lot from the company of other children. However, besides screens, the concerns of most parents about strangers and the different kinds of risks that their kids may be exposed to when given more freedom to explore are another factor that keeps children indoors.

What most parents don’t realize is that children nowadays are actually far more in the outdoors than they were decades ago when the parents were kids. According to statistics, the rate of crime as well as pedestrian, bicycle, and car accident deaths has significantly gone down. However, if you still have your concerns, consider teaming up with other parents within the neighborhood to keep your children safe while they enjoy some freedom outdoors. Agree to watch over each other’s children, and alert each other should you notice any signs of misbehavior or violation of agreed-upon boundaries from any of the kids. The point here is to avoid helicopter parenting while still ensuring some loose supervision. By doing this, your kid will have guaranteed safety, and it will also ensure that the parents in your area are more comfortable allowing their kids to take on the outdoors and enjoy some unstructured play like riding their bikes or their kids electric scooters. This ultimately gives your child more playmates and creates a win-win situation for both parents and children.

Also, consider limiting your child’s screen time. Kids are known to easily get absorbed in games and social media and forget about other activities, even the ones they enjoy. You can consider using a parental control app that restricts your child’s screen time and reminds them to spend some time in the outdoors. This can help make your life much easier as a parent. Find out more now!