How to Easily Get Rid of Junk from Your Garage

There’s a point in time when every garage needs a thorough clean-up from top to bottom. Even the cleanest garage can become packed with unnecessary things that should be in the trash. If you’re eager to clean your garage, but you feel a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. 

In this short guide, we’ll explain what’s the best strategy to tidy up your garage and organize it for just one weekend. And if you’re looking for professional junk removal services, contact EZ San Francisco Junk Removal | Rubbish – E-Waste Disposal in California

Step One – Remove Everything

The first step to declutter your storage space in the garage is to figure out what you have in there. Pick a corner to start with and pull out everything. Your driveway will be packed with things, but it will make it easier to work.

Once all your things are out, you’ll need to figure out how to organize the empty storage space more efficiently. What’s more, you can even change all the shelves and clean the walls to make your garage cleaner. A useful tip is to start cleaning the garage from the floor up and remove all dust, spiderwebs, or garbage on your way.

Step Two – Decide What Will You Keep

Setting your ground rules for what you’ll keep is another critical step in decluttering your storage space. Think about which of the items you’ve used more than once in the past year and see if there’s something you’ve thought you would use but you haven’t.

If there’s anything broken that you haven’t managed to fix, those machines or utensils should immediately go to a dumpster. When you order a dumpster at, you can easily throw away everything you deem redundant. Once you clear all the mess and remove the last “Toss” bag, it’s time to see what’s left.

Plus, if there’s any power tool or old sports equipment that you haven’t been using, you can put it online or give it to someone that might need it more than you.

According to research, many kids can’t enroll in sports because they don’t have the right equipment, and their families can’t afford to buy it. If you donate your old baseball bats or ice skaters, you might change someone else’s life and give them a chance to succeed. The same thing goes for tools and other things that might help others.

Step Three – Cleaning

While your garage is almost empty, that’s the right time to scrub down all the dirt before putting things back. Start by dusting off all your cabinets, shelves and wiping down your entire garage with a mild detergent.

You can sweep the floors several times, or even decide to paint it to cover the oil he car of other droplets on it. If you notice mold anywhere, use vinegar or bleach to remove it from the walls.

Once you have everything clean, you can repaint the walls, change lights, add new shelves, and improve space use.

Step Four – Organization

Now that all things you’ve decided to keep are going back to the garage, you’ll need a new system. With an inventory of everything you own, try to find an efficient way to keep the clutter from building up. Depending on the size of your things and the space available, you’ll have to come up with a solution.

Check your shelves or get new ones to utilize your garage space to its maximum. Also, get more boxes so that you can label them and have everything in plain sight. Transparent plastic boxes can also be of help since you’ll be able to see what you have inside, even without labels.

Use hooks and holders to hold extensive tools like rakes, or use a sturdy bind to stand all your garden tools. Pegboards are great for organizing hand tools like hammers, hacksaws, or garden scissors.

Step Four – Organization

Whether it’s camping equipment or new year decorations, there will be room for everything with a clean plan. Once the garage is zoned and labeled, all your items will have a place where they belong.

Clean House, Clear Mind

Garages are made for our cars, but some of them quickly become the home’s duping spot for clothes, toys, or anything else that nobody needs. Cleaning out your garage can sometimes be a massive project. However, it more than gratifying to step into the garage and how exactly where things are.

With the four stages we’ve described, you’ll be able to reclaim your parking space and make it enjoyable. Plus, now that you have a system in place, all your household members will know where to return the things and keep your garage clean and tidy.