How to decorate your bedroom: strive to impress

In more ways than one, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. Most of one’s day is spent in the bedroom, which is a lot more than a place to sleep. It is the centre of leisure activity and a place for work and study for most as well. The way you design your bedroom has a significant impact on the aesthetics of your house and your living experience in general. A sophisticated, spacious, and well-organized is the key to a happy lifestyle. If you are one to appreciate a good interior design, the layout of your room will be of major importance for you. The following tips will help you design your room in a way that makes it both aesthetic and practical.

1. Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to making your bedroom cozy and sophisticated. It is all about style and aesthetics and has nothing to do with stuffing your room with lots of furniture or going overboard with wall décor. Simplicity not only makes your bedroom spacious but also more elegant. Keep only what you need and cut down on unnecessary accessories. One or two pieces of artwork and a few photo frames should do the trick.

2. Add an element that depicts your personality

Your room should convey who you are as a person and adding the right amount of this touch can make your room appear more homely. No one appreciates an impersonal-looking living space unless you intend to use it for a short while. One way you can add such a homely touch is to use photo frames or adding a customized pillow with picture for your bed. Personalized pillows are great home décor items and throw pillows are of major impact in the overall aesthetics.

3. Decorate your bed well

There is no denying the fact that the bed is the most significant component of a ‘bed-’ room. It is the piece of furniture that has the greatest impact and is the first item to be noticed. Bedding and throw pillows are the focus of the room and the right combination in terms of colours and designs can contribute to the aesthetics of your room positively. A preferable colour combination is a plain bed sheet with decorative pillows in deep colours like blue, black, or grey.

You can find appealing custom shaped pillows and custom bedheads from a number of brands both online and from physical stores. One such place is Allaboutvibe where you can find a very wide range of amazing designer pillows that are both budget-friendly and high-quality.

4. Ensure that your furniture is of the right size

When purchasing furniture for your bedroom, remember to begin with a clear floor map with detailed measures so that you find furniture that is ideal for your bedroom. If the furniture is not of the right size, you can end up with a very cramped living space with barely any room to move around. An unnecessarily large and heavy bed can destroy the proportions and force you to opt for a small dresser and leave little other sitting space. If the room is small but has a high ceiling, choose a bed with a tall headboard so that it has the effect of bringing it down. The visual weight of your furniture has a great impact on the overall spaciousness of the room. Interestingly, a clever way of making your room appear spacious is to add a wall-size mirror on one side so that it doubles the visual appearance.

5. Light your room in layers

Instead of using a single overhead lamp, it is much better to layer the lighting by adding a number of different light sources. This makes it possible to toggle on and off the lights as per your requirement. Some light sources you can use include a built-in natural light, some overhead lights, floor lamps, pendant lights, table lamps, and bedside lamps. Together, these will give your room great functionality as you can alter the amount of light you get at any time. Also, remember to keep their switches separate from one another so that you can turn them on or off by choice.

6. Get blinds, curtains, or drapes for your windows

Your windows are the next feature of great impact after the bed. Dress your windows in a way that it contributes to the overall aesthetics of your room. While considering aesthetics when deciding on how to dress your windows, also remember practicality. You would probably need to block the light with your curtains to avoid being woken up too early by sunlight. Alternatively, you might prefer the morning light to wake you up. Decide your window dressing on the basis of these factors.

7. Choose subtle colours

A bedroom should signify a place that offers comfort and calm. A good bedroom should have delicate and soothing colours that make your room appear comfy. You can choose your favourite colours but in lighter shades so that you don’t make it too boring, nor too vibrant to be comforting. Light blue, lavender, pale green, dull orange, and grey are some colours that you can choose from. To complement the colour scheme of your room, you can add throw pillows that go well with the shades of everything else.

8. Add sufficient storage space

When selecting the furniture for your room, ensure that you have sufficient storage space that you can keep everything out of sight. This way your room will appear more clutter-free and roomy. To add space, you should consider adding bedside tables, drawers, a bookshelf, a spacious dresser with lots of drawers, a storage bench, and a trunk for your pillows and blankets. Wall-sized cupboards are another great addition that takes little space yet adds a lot of storage space for your things. You can alternatively add a wardrobe in your bathroom instead.

Bedroom décor is the most important and most challenging of tasks when it comes to home designing or renovation. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above to make your bedroom look spacious, aesthetic, appealing, and personal.