How To Choose The Right Size Of An Air Fryer For Your Family?

Are you looking for an air-fryer for a small or a large family? If your answer is positive, the first thing to keep in mind is the cooking capacity of the fryer, i.e., how much food it can hold. If you want to buy the Top Air Fryer for 4 person or more, learn what air fryers are and take a look at their various sizes to zero in on the perfect size for your family.

What are air fryers?

Air fryers are like mini ovens that cook several food items you usually shallow fry, deep fry, or grill. Some of these devices can also bake and roast, cook frozen food like chicken nuggets and prepare crispy fries. Interestingly, they do all this without oil and only with hot air, making them your healthy kitchen partners.

Sizes of Air Fryers

Small – These models can hold up to a maximum of two quarts and are best for cooking meals for one person only. However, they are great if you stay alone and have limited space to keep the fryer.

Medium – Ranging from three to five quarts in size, they are the most popular size on the market. Since they do not occupy much counter space, storing them when not in use is convenient.

Large – If you are expecting guests for dinner or if you have a large family, the large-sized air fryers are best for you. You have to remember that you cannot overcrowd the basket. For this type, a capacity of five to six quarts is ideal and can easily accommodate a whole chicken.

Air fryers stand out from other kitchen appliances because they work on air circulation. So, make sure that there is space for air to move about when you place food in the basket.

Extra-large – To hold multiple servings for groups or parties, you should get an extra-large fryer. Make sure that you have a huge counter space to house the fryer.

What size will be perfect for you?

To answer this question, you have to determine how many people you want to cook for. Also, the suitable size for a family with children will be different from a family only with adults. If there are just two members in your family and you have a tight budget, a small two-quart air fryer will be okay for you. But, as the flow of air is essential for proper food preparation in the fryer, you may seek a bigger model provided it does not burn a hole in your pocket.

In case your family has 4 people, opt for a fryer with a capacity of up to 3.7 quarts. These models cook fast and have enough space for batch cooking. For a family of 5 to 8 people, the largest fryers with a holding capacity of more than six quarts are attractive options. They usually comprise additional compartments, accessories, and features.

When planning to buy the top fryer for 4 persons, apart from the size, pay attention to other factors. Next, decide whether you need an oven-front or a basket-style fryer. While the former comes with many features like food dehydrating and has a larger capacity, the latter is eco-friendly and more compact. Other things to keep in mind are dedicated pans for muffins and pizza, a skewer rack, and adjustable temperature range.