How to Choose the Right Groomer for Your Puppy

Finding the right groomer for your puppy requires more than picking up the telephone book. 

Grooming can be expensive, especially for dog owners with pets that need regular grooming. Consequently, a high degree of trust goes into the owner-groomer relationship. 

Owners need to feel their pets are in safe hands, and the dog involved should also enjoy the experience. So, what can pet owners do to find the right groomer for their puppies? 

Breed experience 

Certain dog breeds have specific requirements. For instance, Lab puppies need to be brushed regularly, but their hair shouldn’t be trimmed or clipped. 

Some owners prefer a specific cut for their dog, like a Lion Cut or a Continental Cut. Always ensure your groomer has the expertise to perform the specific needs of your dog’s breed and your preferences before committing to being a client. 

Ask about qualifications 

Whether you need the groomer for Dachshunds or Poodles, owners should start by asking for the potential groomer’s qualifications. 

Ideally, they should have done a course in grooming. They should be able to provide detailed answers to questions about how often a dog requires:

  • Bathing 
  • Haircuts 
  • Nail trims 

Ask about the grooming procedure 

Some groomers do more than groom your dog. They may include services like:

  • Tooth brushing 
  • Anal gland expression 

There is nothing inherently wrong with these practices. Indeed, regular teeth maintenance can make the owner’s life easier. 

But not all dogs need their anal glands expressed. While not dangerous, it’s an uncomfortable procedure for dogs, and unless a vet recommends it, it may be unnecessary. 

Therefore, it’s best to ask what typical grooming sessions include and clarify what the dog does or does not need. 

Ask for referrals 

Prospective clients should always ask around before committing to a groomer. Owning a dog often means socializing with other dog owners. 

Chances are these other owners have their preferred groomer. Compiling a list based on recommendations is an excellent way to investigate dog groomers because it guarantees the groomers’ clients trust their work. 

Visit the grooming parlor 

Another must when evaluating a prospective dog groomer is paying a visit to the salon. 

Owners should look for the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Play area
  • Toileting space 

Visiting the salon also enables pet owners to talk further with the groomer. Equally important, it allows them to judge if the space meets the A.K.C.’s S.A.F.E. regulations, a series of standards that, when followed, guarantee better and safer grooming practices for the dogs in their care. 

Does the groomer have a first aid kit? 

Accidents happen, especially with puppies. Ideally, a professional dog groomer would never need a first aid kit. 

But anyone who has ever tried holding a wriggling puppy can appreciate how challenging this is. 

When finding a dog groomer that’s right for your puppy, it’s reassuring to know the dog groomer has the supplies available to treat minor injuries. 

Canine accommodation 

Finally, when looking for the right groomer for your puppy, remember to examine the accommodations for dogs waiting to see the groomer. 

You can’t always wait with them and must ensure that the groomer will house the dog somewhere they feel safe and comfortable. It should also be clean. 

Final thoughts 

There’s a lot to consider when looking for the right groomer for your puppy. It’s a task that can feel daunting. That’s why owners should always start by collecting referrals. 

Once you narrow down your list, you can start visiting salons and discussing the qualifications and experience of potential groomers.

It may feel like a chore, but the effort pays off when you find a groomer that’s right for you and your dog.