How To Choose The Right Furniture If You Have A Pet Dog

If you own a pet dog or are planning to get one, you need to take care of both your pet and your furniture in the house. Dealing with pet dogs isn’t easy and you must be prepared to deal with the responsibilities that come with pets. Pets should generally be taken care of in all ways. To find out more about how to take care of your pet dog visit The information and product reviews will help you to become a great pet parent. You can also check this link for more details on tips for having a new pet.

Pets can cause damage to your furniture. It can be stressful when you get home from work to find your house in a complete mess. To avoid this, you need to develop ways to keep your furniture clean even if your pet dog takes a liking for it. Even if you’re planning to get a new pet dog, you must prepare your home and furniture for it. 

Check out the tips below on choosing the right furniture if you have a pet dog.

Choose the Right Colors and Patterns

white dog on a patterned sofa image

Choose your colors depending on the color of your pet’s fur. White fur will be very starkly visible on a dark-colored fabric so stay away from them. Darker fur will be very evident on light-colored fur so consider going for deeper shades instead. This could be difficult if you have more than one pet. You can then go for multi-colored or patterned fabrics. 

Leather furniture

Probably the best choice to go for, leather furniture comes with many advantages. It is long-lasting, odor-resistant, and easy to clean. Dog hair can’t stick to leather and the fur and hair will fall off to the ground. The falling hair can be easily wiped off by a piece of cloth, or you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface. However, leather is susceptible to scratches. To protect all the leather from scratching, you can use slipcovers for your sofas, pillows, and cushions. The slipcovers can be easily washed and replaced if old and damaged.

Go for microfibre furniture

Pet dogs like playing around, making makes your furniture fabric vulnerable to damage. Synthetic microfiber doesn’t tear or scratch easily. Microfibre can help as it can sustain the damage caused by pets. Tight synthetic can prevent dog hair from sticking to the furniture fiber. Loose synthetic can get some hair, but it’s easy to clean. You can wipe the hair off by brushing or wiping it with your hands or a piece of cloth. In the case of stains, microfibre is extremely easy to clean with soap and water.

Silk furniture

Silk is relatively resistant to dog hair because of its slippery nature. Silk is a cheap and long-lasting option. It has a variety of colors, textures, and patterns which you can choose from. Silk is resistant to fading and can retain its shape for long. Silk is a good option for your upholstery. If well taken care of, silk furniture can be used for a long time.

Canvas slipcovers for furniture

Canvas slipcovers are the covers we cover the furniture fabrics with. Canvas is typically cotton fabric but can also be made from cotton denim. Cotton canvas is the most recommended because it’s robust, durable, and easier to clean. If cotton canvas slipcovers get dirty, you can remove them from the furniture and wash them. One of the recommended canvas covers for pet dog owners is the 12oz heavyweight cotton canvas. It’s not stiff and is durable. The 12oz cotton denim is tight and robust. Slipcovers are easier to maintain than buying a new sofa. If old or destroyed, you can replace them.

Sturdy and Stable Furniture Pieces 

Pets love to jump and run around the house. Tables or chairs that are not stable or are lightweight are at risk of falling over. This could break or chip your furniture but also cause injuries to your pet or even to you. Invest in sturdy pieces of furniture so that the pets cannot knock them down while playing around. Sturdy furniture will have thicker legs or a wider base. 

Furniture Height

Some animals pull things off a surface or jump over surfaces. If your pet also likes to do so, consider buying tables or stools that are higher. You can also keep your kitchen counter a little higher to keep things out of the pets’ reach. For the furniture items you already have, see if you can add legs or change legs to taller ones to increase the height. 

It is not always possible to increase the height of your furniture. Alternatively, you can block things with a higher object. For example, place a sturdy plant that cannot be knocked over by your pet. Or simply, remove the tempting objects.

Machine-Washable Fabrics

Fabrics like bedding and pillows collect a lot of furs. They also get soiled and dirty. You cannot avoid or delay cleaning these fabrics regularly. If these fabrics are machine washable, it makes regular cleaning hassle-free and keeps your space tidy. 

In addition to selecting fabrics that do not a lot of furs, also choose items that can be washed in a machine or thrown into a dry cleaner. 

Furniture For Your Pet

dog lying in a pet bed image

Instead of just buying furniture that is pet friendly, also think about purchasing a piece of furniture that is for the pet only. You can keep a pet bed somewhere where your dog can be near their favorite human. Buy one that is cohesive with the rest of your decor so that it is not only functional but also looks beautiful in your space.

Giving your pets a space of their own will also keep them away from other furniture. This will prevent your furniture from scratches and wear and tear. 

Rule of Thumb

Base your furniture choice on your experience as a pet dog owner. This is the general rule for choosing the right furniture for your pet dog. A good example is using a dark fabric that’ll hide the dirt or the stains made by pets until you wash them. It can save you the stress of cleaning daily because the dirt won’t be easily visible on the dark surface. However, you should always steer clear of some fabrics. Avoid heavy texture fabrics like velvet and wool. They retain the hair and the fur from dogs. Stay away from knitted fabrics and synthetics like polyester and nylon. These materials retain a lot of fur and hair. If you need more help in choosing the best dog proof furniture, you can visit a reputed website for more information.

Bonus Tips

  • Use duct tape to remove dog hair from the furniture fabric
  • Use a vacuum to suck loose dog hair, avoid brushing the dog too often
  • Use a completely dry sheet to wipe the floors
  • Cover your furniture with sticky sheets to make the hair stick to the sheets instead of the furniture fabric

Follow the tips above to choose the right furniture for your pet dog.