How To Choose The Best Men’s Sunglasses?

Men’s sunglasses are often the most basic yet most difficult to choose. These are the pair of sunglasses available in many colours to match your outfits while running. The Men’s models have larger frames to fit big head sizes. The polarized lenses are also large for an overall coverage of eyes from both sides. These are costlier than other sunglasses. If you are looking for good quality running sunglasses and have a big head then Goodr BFG are the right sunglasses for you. The frames are made with silicon pads on the nose and over the ears to keep them fit on your head even when you are sweating while running. The lenses used in these sunglasses are gradients that remain dark near the top and prevent the harmful UV rays from entering your eyes.

Benefits of Men’s Sunglasses

  1. The Men’s have wider frames and larger lenses with longer arms to ensure a more comfortable fit. The new frames of these sunglasses are bigger and better,  upgraded with gradient lenses and silicon pads for nose and ears that makes it anti-slip even when you are moving. Because of these reasons, they are costlier than any other sunglasses.
  2. These sunglasses are available in variety of colours – Grass Fed Babe Streaks are tailored with green frame and blue lenses that are dark on the top and another is the Makeup Time with Clifford featured with a matte red frame, yellow nose and ear pads, lenses fading from red top to yellow at the base. I can also say that they are available in rainbow colours and exceptional models.
  3. These sunglasses have larger frames that cover a big area from the brow. They sit high on the nose and do not touch the cheekbones. The lenses do not fog or become hazy on sweaty runs because the frame prevents sweat from rolling down to the front of the lenses.

Types of Men’s Sunglasses

  1. Aviator or Pilot:This style goes from simple to classic, popularized by pilots or aviators with a metal frame and teardrop shape for both men and women. You can also check out versace sunglasses men since it is also a top pick for men’s sunglasses.
  2. Butterfly:These uniquely designed butterfly shaped sunglasses for men who are more to the feminie side, these are large/oversized that covers much of your face and protect against UV rays.
  3. Cat Eye:This type plays up feminist men with a super cool retro old school charm.
  4. Club Master:These are also called browline sunglasses and have a thick frame on the top which gets thinner at the bottom.
  5. Oval:These sunglasses are a perfect fit for any face shape.
  6. Round:These are stylish, quirky and round shaped sunglasses with different frame colours, lenses and material to add a statement style to your personality.
  7. Rectangle:These are sunglasses with rectangular lenses, angular corners and more rounded edges available for both men and women.
  8. Semi Rimless:These are half framed style sunglasses also called as browline or club master with a frame edge only at the top.
  9. Shield:If you are planning for a long time outing in the sun, these sunglasses with perfect shades provide full coverage from front to the sides.
  10. Square: These sunglasses are oversized shape shifters with square frames to balance a narrow jaw line and provide a round face look.
  1. Wayfarer:These are a versatile, timeless sunglass that fits almost all faces and outfits featured with a thick frame in trapezoidal shape.


When looking for men’s sunglasses, you might observe that men have bigger head sizes hence prefer models that have larger frames to fit well and give a full coverage to the face from the brows to the cheek bones. There’s a large selection of best sunglasses for men online and even with a quick Google search, you’ll be provided with a long list of great retailers.The sunglasses that are featured with polarized lenses and frames made with silicon pads/inserts to sit on the nose and ears of men firmly even when sweating. Undoubtedly these are the Men’s sunglasses that provide all the comfort with UV 400 protection. They are affordable, fashionable and functional with latest styles, shapes and colours.