How to Brighten a Room with a Full-Length Mirror?

A stunning and vibrant mirror can make a darkened room appear bigger and brighter, produce an expressionistic statement, and offer the satisfaction of gazing at a cherished artefact or a breath-taking view.

Full-length Mirrors are often used to reflect the walls and ceilings opposite to them. Still, their influence is much more rewarding when placed to mirror something uplifting such as a spectacular work of art, a decorative wallpaper, a lovely patio, or a mesmerizing frontal view. Here’s how you can accentuate the brightness of your space by making liberal use of these artistic marvels.

How to Brighten a Room with a Full-Length Mirror

Pick Right Location  

Pick Right Location

A mirror can make a dramatic statement in any space, or it may stand alone as a gorgeous centrepiece. However, in order to pull off the maximum impact, the correct positioning of your reflective artefact is critical. 

When you intend to decorate an enlarged space and want ample illumination sans dilapidation or dampness, it works best to place your mirror near a source of lighting. But, be cautious not to position your reflector directly in front of it, or else it will obscure the view by reflecting the lamp/sun and ruin the whole setting. Some bad placements are, hanging mirrors right in front of wall lamps or placing a full-length mirror on a wall right under a chandelier so, be wary. 

Hanging a mirror on the wall next to the window or around it would let the ample natural light in. On the contrary, when a mirror is installed in a small room precisely across from a window, it gives the impression of another window that helps to lighten up the room automatically and makes it appear more spacious too.

Size of the mirror 

Size of the mirror 

Usually, full-length mirrors offer the easiest way to reflect the maximum light into a room, specifically if you intend to make your place look both extensive and bright. 

However, a petite mirror alone won’t be capable enough to reflect much light back into your room, but when multiple of these are organized in clusters, even the seemingly tiny reflectors can adequately enliven up any space. A mirror collage or a sunburst reflector placed on a wall opposite to a window or under a scone can also provide a central focus as it brings enough lighting to your place.

Select placement of a mirror

It’s time to shun the conventional and tested techniques of hanging mirrors on the walls and side partitions to bring in the daylight. Instead, try out something new and brighten up your living spaces by going for a cluster of reflectors or placing a contemporary full-length mirror at a strategic location. 

You may also cover the backdrop of a coffee table with mirrors or install a group of these on one wall in a beautiful design, which could even act as a focal point of the house. Furnishings such as closets, desks, or chairs can also be embedded with Plexiglas, or tinted accents to help pull off a dramatic effect. Apart from that, you could make use of small mirrors to line up the backs of bookshelves or get yourself a collection of mirrored coasters that can capture light and add sparkle to everything you put on them, including miniature votive candles or crystal vases. Mirrored trays stowed on top of mantles or set on tables to carry lavish teapots and other decorative objects may also reflect light and make a room look brighter and spacious.

Using a full-length frameless mirror makes a more vivid room.

Full-length frameless mirrors with their minimalistic and yet powerful looks and strategic placement can make a bold statement and pull off a dramatic effect in any location they are put in. Six-foot tall mirrors sitting pretty on the floor and leaning against the wall in home decor publications are a perfect way to bring attention to an empty spot of a bedroom or a living area space Add a seater in the front to complete the utilitarian aspect too.

You may use a combination of frameless mirrors on a wall to add visual appeal to the entire settings or install a big one to give a glamorous green room impression to your regular space. Since home decor is all about self-expression, there are practically infinite possibilities for you to try.

Mirrors bring in light to revitalize and perk up the decor. Consider using reflectors in variable dimensions, and at strategic focal locations to expand and uplift any space under consideration.

The quality of a mirror to buy

Although full-length mirrors are persuasive attention grabbers on their own, however, the quality of the product is still essential to attain the desirable outcome. 

Fab Glass and Mirror is a renowned and reliable name in the field of high-quality mirrors and other glass-based products— they sell only cherry-picked premium pieces at the rates that are difficult to match elsewhere. 

Play around with shapes and symmetry

Sticking with regular rectangular mirrors will only serve a functional purpose; nevertheless, there is much fun to be had, and conversation to be begun, with less traditional shapes, such as Tipperary and Quatre folium designs.

The positioning and placement of the mirrors are also open to interpretation. Try replacing the headboard with, say, a vertical mirror that is hung horizontally from behind the bed. This is both unexpected and significant. So why not try framing a perspective? Mirrors give a room a sense of balance and harmony when placed in pairs on either side of a window or doorway. They reflect the opposite side of the room from front to back as well as from left to right.

Multiple mirrors

Selecting many long mirrors is preferable when just one won’t cut it. A mirror wall or a gallery wall of mirrors is not only very fashionable, but it also serves as a light source and aesthetic element in your space. Put several at about the same distance apart along one wall, close to a window. This will have a significant impact without taking up much space, even in a tiny setting.

When hanging several mirrors to reflect light, we’d suggest utilizing a round mirror. A full-length mirror in a gallery wall will dominate the area and inadvertently make your small room appear even smaller, therefore frameless mirrors would also work.

Mastering the Illusion

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this article is primarily about tricks. You must hang mirrors in strategic locations so that the light they reflect can be used to brighten your room. A small kitchen, for instance, might only require you to hang mirrors along the wall to give the room the illusion of space. Once more, it’s all about how you provide the impression that your area is bigger, brighter, or has more illumination without actually making those changes.


The only way to use a mirror to brighten your space is to simply hang one up on the wall. Experiment. Remove the mirror and place it on another wall if it doesn’t work. Although it may seem simple, the best course of action is to experiment at home, plan ahead, and reflect as much light as you can. Just follow the aforementioned tips and your space will inevitably get brighter.