How moving companies charge for their services

Are you planning to move soon? When you need a Toronto moving company, you will realize that the cost factors are often withheld. But why keep it secret? Competition is the main factor for secrecy. Also, secrecy aims to avoid misleading clients as exact prices depend on many things. As an esteemed client, you need to know what’s included in the pricing and the hidden charges present. Moving to a new place is physically exhausting and labor-intensive. Hiring a moving company will reduce much of the moving stress from your plate. So how much does a moving company cost? Here, you will get the primary considerations moving companies use while estimating cost. Of course, you can use a site like Muval to compare local removalists and asses your options.:

The move types

The moving method is an essential factor in pricing. It’s cheap to use moving containers than hiring full-service movers. Hiring a moving truck and driving by yourself is also a more affordable option. Moving containers are more inexpensive than hiring trucks for long-distance moving. It’s because of hotels, food, and gas expenses incurred.

Shipment weight

It’s the total weight of everything that a moving company will carry to your new residential area. The charging cost is per pound and not volume. The heavier the things to move, the more expensive it becomes. If you need to reduce the cost and save money, then move only the essential things that you need to transfer and use. Dispose off unwanted commodities.

Moving distance and routes

The distance between your new home and the old house is very vital in determining the price. The greater the distance, the more you pay for the service. Travel routes also affect the pricing. Some ways make the distance long while others short. Consider using shortcuts to reduce the distance to cover. If you are lucky and you get another person traveling the same direction, then you can cost-share. The moving company will combine your property if you both agree to move together. You will cost-share the budget and also save on time. Companies gauge how much to pay for them to meet all the expenses involved and still make profits.

Moving dates

You will pay more when you move in peak seasons when many people are moving. The best time to move is when there are more minor movements and the moving company has fewer requests for shipment. The charges for off-peak seasons are a bit cheaper. Many people also move during weekends when they aren’t at work. If you move within the weekdays between Monday and Thursday, then you are likely to pay less. You might have to pay twice the standard charges when you move during holidays and summer season. Move in the morning hours and avoid end-month moving.

Make sure you book earlier with the moving company. Instant booking on the moving day or a day before will cost you more.

Moving add-ons

Moving add-ons affect the moving cost. They include:

  1. Labor cost (number of movers involved)
  2. Services needed like loading and offloading, reassembling, and disassembling items like furniture.
  3. Delicate and fragile items will need special handling to avoid breakage and damage.

Other add-ons offered include mattress bags, felt pads, and stretch wrap. Make sure you check add-ons if they are on the original price quotation.

Moving supplies

Do you have the moving supplies needed? Make sure you have plastic bins, cardboard boxes, packing papers, or plastic wraps. If you don’t have them, then the company will charge you for them.

Extra cost factors

You will pay more if your new house has stairs that movers will use to place your items in the upper rooms. The need for shuttle services raises costs. If a truck can’t park near your apartment, movers will have to carry items. If you need insurance cover on your moving things, you will pay more to get moving insurance. They all increase costs for moving.


Remember, a low-cost moving company will mean you will do most of the work on yourself. Choose a company that’s realistic and cost-effective as per your budget.