How Does Tea Detox and Cleanse Your Body?

People have been trying to cleanse their bodies of toxins using various methods for thousands of years. From fasting to bloodletting, historical practices were often dangerous, and even more frequently ineffective. There is, however, at least one historical method for detoxification that holds up to modern scrutiny: detox teas.

Why Do People Do Tea Detoxes?

There are plenty of reasons to try a tea detox. Some people want to lose weight. Others are more focused on removing toxins and increasing energy. Plus, plenty of people just enjoy drinking tea. There’s really no wrong reason to try a tea detox.

How Tea Detoxes Works

Most detox regimes, including tea detoxes, involve making dietary and lifestyle changes. Some require restricting calorie intake while simultaneously ingesting beneficial herbal teas. The most effective methods for cleansing the body of toxins involve using herbal teas and other natural substances to support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Some tea detoxes involve drinking just one type of tea, while others require a separate brew for night versus morning. In the latter case, look for herbal teas with colon-cleansing properties for nighttime use and focus on replenishing vital electrolytes and vitamins in the morning.

Experts often recommend using detox teas that contain green tea. There’s a good reason behind this recommendation, too. Green tea contains catechins, which are natural chemicals that can boost weight loss. They increase the amount of fat people burn during exercise, maximizing the impact of positive lifestyle changes.

Are Tea Detoxes Safe?

It’s important to note here that herbal formulations are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. While there are plenty of safe and effective detox teas out there, it’s up to consumers to do their own research. Because the market is not regulated, there are some products that contain dangerous ingredients such as large amounts of laxatives, caffeine, and ephedra.

To perform a tea detox safely, make sure to seek out products that contain natural ingredients with a gentler action on the body. Good examples include:


  • Green tea
  • Nettle
  • Lemon balm
  • Mate

Buy tea from a reputable vendor or, better yet, directly from a trusted manufacturer. It’s the best way to make sure the tea is the real deal and doesn’t contain any contaminants or unwanted ingredients.

It’s also worth noting here that some detox tea manufacturers suggest fasting while taking their products. While some amount of calorie restriction can help with losing weight, prolonged periods of extreme fasting can damage the body. Instead of refusing food entirely, aim to maintain a healthy, balanced diet while using detox teas.

Are Detox Teas Effective?

A good detox tea will boost energy to make it easier to lose weight, and may even speed up the metabolism. However, detox teas are not a miracle cure for obesity. Even a well-formulated herbal tea will only work if it’s used in conjunction with positive lifestyle changes such as increased physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet.

Try a Detox

The only sure way to tell if all the hype surrounding detox teas is for real is to try one. Purchase a tea that contains only natural, healthful ingredients and start using it twice a day. Remember, it’s always best to buy herbal products directly from trusted manufacturers to ensure that they are not contaminated.