How Do you Sleep in Hair Rollers without Damaging your Hair?

Are you one of those women who often wakes up with a bad hair day? You wish you had that commercial-looking curls but have no time to spare for an hour of meticulous curling. Hair rollers are an excellent option if you’re a busy woman with little to no free time. Let’s face it, everything you can do to speed up the process spent on your morning ritual is a benefit, especially if it enables you to complete other tasks or perhaps get a few extra minutes of sleep. You can prevent terrible hair days forever by just sleeping in rollers. Here are some tips for you to achieve that chic and fab-looking curls.

What Kind of Hair Rollers are Safe to Sleep with?


Selecting the appropriate rollers is the most important consideration if you are thinking of sleeping with a hair roller on. The improper rollers might make it hard to sleep in them, for one thing. Any harsh roller, including ones with Velcro or stiff plastic as a material, can keep you from sleeping and, over time, weaken the strands on the edges, causing damage to your hair. Even using softer, mesh-covered rollers can lead to damage that finally causes your hair to fall out in parts. Instead, search for rollers made for overnight or sleeping. Take a look at the most recommended sleep-in hair rollers:

  • Satin Sleep in Rollers. The Satin Pillow Roller from Kitsch is crafted from a plush, soft material that gently holds hair in place without yanking or snagging as you sleep and is suitable for all hair types and textures. Perfect for maintaining lengthy, textured styles.
  • Large Sleep Rollers. These Velcro-covered rollers are soft and pleasant, holding your hair in place all night long without needing pins.
  • Two headband curlers are made of silk ribbon. These headband curlers have a foam inner and a silky exterior, making them ideal for sleeping in. Additionally, the kit includes a barrel roller for your fringe.
  • Set of 24 no-heat hair curlers. You should give these a shot as an alternative option if you frequently use curling irons or straighteners. Please put them in simply before going to sleep to have large, bouncy curls by morning without having to deal with tongs.
  • Set of foam rollers for hair. These incredibly squishy foam rollers are simple to use; open the plastic handle, wrap your hair around the roller, seal it, and go to sleep. They cling to the hair without the need for pins or clips.
  • Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods. Lightweight foam is used to make the simple-to-use Tifara overnight hair curlers. You may use them on dry or wet hair, giving all hair types of curls. 
  • Allstar Sleep Styler Innovations. Your hair may be dried and styled while you sleep with the Allstar sleep stylers, saving you time in the morning. They are composed of incredibly absorbent material, so your hair can be curled without the use of heat. The microfiber material quickly dries and holds 4-5 times its weight in water. Natural hair straightening techniques can also be employed with them. Shoulder-length hair works best with the micro roller set, which has twelve three-inch rollers. The highly absorbent memory-foam core draws moisture from your hair while remaining slightly dry.
  • Conair Foam Rollers with Soft, Bouncy Curls. The soft foam rollers from Conair are gentle on hair and cozy for sleeping in. The rollers work well on all types and textures of hair, whether wet or dry. You can get a salon-quality hairstyle using these rollers at home. They provide thick, voluminous waves, long-lasting, bouncy curls, and fullness; the rollers have quick clips built in to stay in place all night. You can use them to create tight, defined curls with or without style products. The rollers are soft and comfy because of the soft foam, making it simple to sleep with them. The foam composition also aids in preventing breaking and splitting brought on by grasping from other rollers.
  • Caruso ION Steam Hair Setter C97958. These 30 molecular foam rollers are included with the Caruso Ion Steam Hair Setter. When the ion feature is turned on, the steamer clicks, producing three times as much steam as standard steam generators. Only 120V, 60Hz voltage is required by the innovative steam hair setting technology. Moreover, a travel case and styling instructions are included. The roller set and steamer produce shine and volume without static or frizz. The negative ions used by the ion steam hair setting have robust, enduring, and luscious curls. The moisture adds volume and lessens frizz while conditioning and making your hair shinier.
  • Hair Curlers for Beauty Sleep from Etsy. Eight hair ties are included in this bundle, along with the eight rollers. They provide a gentle, invisible sensation while you sleep because they are sponges.

How to Use Hair Rollers Overnight?


Now that you have picked your hair rollers, it’s time to put them on and be ready to wake up in a classy bombshell curl you’ve dreamed of having.

1. Start with freshly washed, damp hair. 

Start with clean, moist hair as you prepare to utilize your curlers in preparation for bed. Too much moisture will prevent your hair from setting overnight, and you will wake up with damp hair that needs more styling. After washing your hair, give it some time to dry completely before inserting the rollers. To get some of the moisture out, you can also towel dry it. If it dries out too much, mist it with water using a spray bottle.

2. Hair should be straightened before using rollers.


Although it may seem counterintuitive, straightening your hair will result in lovely, even curls. Setting mist for your hair is one way to achieve this. Apply a little water to remove the product from the hair already applied the day before. Straightening it with a blow dryer before inserting the curlers won’t hurt.

3. Warm the Hair Rollers up.


Remember to heat the hair curlers to the ideal temperature. Usually, following the manufacturer’s instructions is sufficient, but occasionally, you might want to try with a few different temps on your hair to see which ones work best. Smaller rollers heated to high temperatures will produce tighter, spiral curls, while larger rollers heated to low temperatures will produce softer, looser curls.

4. Apply a hair thermal protection product.

You might want to treat your hair heat protectant before inserting the rollers. This will help keep your curls in place for longer and protect your hair from heat damage. Remember to evenly spread this product throughout your hair once it is completely dry curls.

5. Putting the rollers in place.

It’s time to insert the rollers now; start by taking a section of your hair and rolling it across your head. The size of the segment will decide how your curls will look overall. As before, larger portions will result in looser and wavier curls, while smaller sections will result in tighter or perhaps spiral-shaped curls. To make it simpler to separate each area that you want to roll, you can even use clips to divide your hair into larger sections.

6. Cover the rollers. 

To prevent your hair from drying out rapidly and to help it hold in place, you may use a plastic shower cap to conceal the curlers once you’ve placed them in your hair. Additionally, it glides through your hair, preventing tangling. Your hair could become damaged and frizzy if you touch it with a towel during this process. Wrap a towel or another soft material over your head over the shower cap, precisely like you would when you stepped out of the shower. To avoid having to lie on the knot while you sleep, make sure to tie the bow towards the front.

7. Hold everything in place securely.

Once your towel or fabric is positioned to cover the cap and rollers, fasten it in place with barrettes or bobby pins. If you have curl clips, you can also use those. Your comfort level while your head is on your pillow will increase with a less-bulky clip. Just remember that sometimes the stronger clips aren’t the smaller ones. You can wake up with your towel off if you frequently toss and turn as you sleep. If you have a lot of hair or move around when you sleep, use larger, more durable clips; otherwise, use smaller clips.

8. Before going to sleep, check your rollers.

It’s time to do a test run now that everything is safely set up. Get into bed and your typical sleeping posture to see how things feel. You shouldn’t be able to handle the curlers in your hair, but if you are, you may need to modify the clips or the towel you’re using. They should remain in place due to the various levels of protection. This means you may take it all down in the morning and start your day with thick curls without worrying about your hairstyle.

9. Making Pillow Adjustments for Best Comfort.

An excellent tip for sleeping with a roller set is to use a neck pillow. Once the curlers are in, you’ll notice that they provide some support for your head when you’re lying down, negating the need for a pillow that could elevate your head too high and cause neck pain. Use a neck pillow or fold a pillow in half lengthwise and position it directly beneath the neck like the ones people wear on planes. Your head will rest on the rollers, and your neck will be at ease. However, you must sleep on your back for this to be effective.

10. Get up and look fab.


Unroll your hair when you wake up, being careful not to pull on the rollers if they become trapped; instead, work them out as gently as you can, and to fluff it up a bit, run your fingers through it. Applying alligator hair clips to your hair as the curls loosen up is one way to keep your curls in place.

Is It Safe to Sleep with Hair Rollers on?


In certain respects, rollers are always detrimental to your hair, which is the problem with them. Damage can result from using Velcro rollers and other rollers frequently and for an extended period while applying too much heat. While the usage of sponge rollers depletes the hair’s natural oils and hydration. However, hair can be protected from damage with careful application and moderate heat settings. 

If you properly take care of your hair while using it, there should not be a problem. You must, however, give it some thought. We cannot deny the fact that, curlers are an excellent style tool. With these, you may create various curl patterns and fluffy effects. You may style them as you want by rolling them in your hair. Remember to apply for heat protection on your hair if you use curling irons or hot rollers. The quickest and most effective way to curl your hair is to put in hair rollers before bed! Women who balance jobs and family are regaining popularity for this hair-curling technique.