How Do I Find A Good Kitchen Designer?

A designer kitchen would be more ideal with ample modern facilities. Although kitchens these days are not only made for cooking, it also offers a good ambiance. For example, kitchens can have coffee stations or wine stations as well. When you have a fantastic designer for your team, you are good to go! For this reason, let’s find a dedicated designer that can accommodate your needs. Check these points by All About kitchens that will help you get a designer for interior decoration.

Tips On Picking A Good Kitchen Designer

People need more space to make cooking effortless. They want kitchen cabinets and extra storage areas specifically designed to store various foods, drinks, and utensils. An example is custom-made cabinets for storing trash bins. Designers come up with multiple ways of hiding the trash bin while making it easily accessible for the user.

Designers take your ideas and transform them into reality. So, to avoid getting a shoddy kitchen at the end, you need to find a good designer. But, remember, it is possible to get scammed if you don’t do your research. Therefore, here are some of the qualities to look out for in a kitchen designer:

Ensure The Designer Previously Worked On Other Kitchens

Many general interior designers have worked on numerous projects. Available interior designers work on the whole house without specializing in a room. However, it is wise to get an interior designer that designs the kitchen explicitly. A kitchen designer will explore every minor detail to create an ideal kitchen. For example, a kitchen designer will focus on the type of wood for your cabinet. The designer can go the extra mile to find the handles you need or get you cabinets without handles.

The Designer Works With Other Professionals

It would be wise to hire a designer that works with people from various industries. Some of these professions that work with kitchen designers include HVAC contractors, electricians, and plumbers. When a kitchen designer has employed other disciplines, it will save you the effort of finding other contractors. You will also spend less when you hire a kitchen designer with staff who have various background experiences. Because plumbing, electrical, HVAC, installation, and labor prices are included in the final quotation. On the other hand, finding various contractors and signing different contracts will cost you more than requesting a discount from your kitchen designer.

Do They Have The Educational Background And Licenses?

Kitchen designers are interior designers that specialize in kitchen construction and remodeling. Kitchen designers are eligible to offer their services only if they have a Bachelor’s degree in interior design. After attaining a bachelor’s degree, the designers need to have a two-year experience before applying for a license. The National Council of Interior Designers Qualification (NCIDQ) is responsible for issuing certificates and permits to interior designers.

Ensure kitchen designers are licensed when you are doing a background check. Licenses and certifications are issued to them after meeting the required standards to offer services. Therefore, every client is guaranteed that the kitchen design company will follow the state rules while working on projects. Besides, your rights are protected by every state’s laws and regulations.

Request For Previous Projects

Request for pictures of previous projects from the kitchen designer to understand the kind of project they handle. For instance, you will get to see how various floors match the kitchen designs in the pictures. Therefore, you can tell your kitchen designer what floors you prefer for your project and what you don’t like.

Check On The Kitchen Designer’s Online Presence

Today you can get any information online about a business. Therefore, you can do a background search by checking on the written reviews of a company on their website. If the kitchen designer has good ratings and good reviews, that means that they give excellent services. If you find a bad review of a kitchen designer, don’t be quick to brush them off. Instead, check how they handled the problem and if the clients at the end got what they wanted. As you go through the comment section, you can also find kitchen pictures from happy clients.

Where You Can Find Free Kitchen Design Advice

Most kitchen designers offer free advice on various issues. You can browse online to find designers whose goals closely resemble your goals.  Another option is to reach out to All About kitchens and check out some of our previous projects. We have a team of knowledgeable employees that will work with you to achieve the desired kitchen designs.  We also design and renovate bathrooms. If you want, we can agree on the prices for both kitchen and bathroom services. Get in touch with us through our website.




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