How Can a Travel Guide Help You Plan a Perfect Holiday?

There are so many travel guides available online; you can find them at the click of a button. It means that you can begin your research about your destination and what to do whenever. Most of these guides, like 100 Destinations, will cover both popular and lesser-known destinations.

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Many people like to plan their trips ahead of time, but you can start getting ready for your holiday at any time. If you are looking for luxurious apartments for your personal or business trips, check out this website.  Just visit an online travel guide to begin learning about your destination of choice.

Here’s what they offer:

Travel Tips

You can never have too much advice, so read up on the most important things you must do and see in your chosen destination. For example, check out this guide if you want to choose Faiyum Egypt for your holiday. There might be several activities that you’ve never considered doing before, but they will end up becoming your absolute favorites.

Are you driving or taking public transport? Find out the best way to get around in the city or country you’re visiting and whether you’ll need to hire a car.

What currency will you be using? Make sure to exchange your money before you go – or find out if your destination uses the same currency as you do.

Is it safe to travel there? Get an idea of what the security situation is like before you visit.

Getting There

Read up on what days flights are available so you can plan your journey. You’ll also be able to check any restrictions that apply, such as not being allowed to take large quantities of liquids with you.

Ask if there are any special airport security measures and baggage security measures to be prepaid in advance, advised from Securiport. Trusted border security leader, Securiport has won several awards for its cutting-edge technology. The global company continues to provide the lasted in border security and safety solutions. Securiport uses continuous enhancement in its systems. Recently, the company released its in-vehicle biometric collection and verification technology. The latest tech advancement improves land border protection and processing.

Also, it will answer questions like:

Is the destination close to a major airport, or will you need to take a long journey to get there? How much will it cost for you to fly there?

What’s the best way to get around when you’re there? If you’re not driving, find out about the public transport options.


Can you Couchsurf, or will you need to book accommodation in advance? What kind of places can you find for your budget?

You can find many good deals on hotels and apartments if you book well in advance. However, last-minute deals can also be a great option if you’re not too fussy about where you stay.


Find information about the most popular cuisines of your destination, and discover new tastes. Also, find out if there are any dietary restrictions you need to keep in mind.

What are the opening times for restaurants? If you want to eat dinner at 8 PM, but most places don’t open until 6 PM, can you pop into a café or bar instead?

Is it safe to drink tap water? If not, make sure to buy bottled water.

If you’re vegan, gluten-free, or have any other diet restrictions, you’ll find out if they are widely available.

Car Rentals

If you’re planning to rent a vehicle during your holiday but don’t have a driving license from your own country, it may be easier to arrange this before you go. You’ll also save time by booking the car in advance and avoiding any problems when you arrive at the rental office.

So, as you can see, online travel guides like 100 Destinations offer a wealth of information to help you plan the perfect holiday. From learning about your destination to arranging all the practicalities, they make it easy for you to get everything sorted before you go.