Home Decor You Need to Make Your Dining Room Look Elegant

When it comes down to hosting a dinner party, you want everything to look perfect (as perfect as possible). The lighting has to be perfect, there needs to be nice dinner music, and the food needs to taste sensational. For the most part, all of those things can be accomplished with proper preparation.

Some people shy away from hosting dinner parties just for the simple fact that it always seems as though something will go wrong. I for one LOVE to not only host dinner parties, but I also love decorating for them. Being a veteran at hosting these lavish eating extravaganzas, I’ve definitely had my run-ins with disaster, but nothing as disastrous as you see on the movies!

In the movies, people have been caught on fire from the candles at the dinner table, choked on pieces of meat, and had their pet dog run across the table chasing after a squirrel in the house! I can confidently say that I haven’t experienced anything like that, but I’ve had a few music malfunctions and more than enough miscalculations of how many people to set the table for.

Even with the few dinner party mishaps, my guest could not deny the fact that my decor was drop dead gorgeous. The decor survived even with my children being home! I did have to threaten them with dessert a little to make sure they didn’t touch anything! If you have a dinner party coming up soon, here are a few decor items you’ll need to leave your guests speechless.

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Elegant Dining Room Rug

If you don’t already have a dining room rug, you need to invest in one. Your dining room rug is what ties the other decor together. Really, your other decor is centered around the rug, based on the colors in the rug, the shape of the rug, and whatever tiny details the rug may have. So when you start shopping for your decor, be sure you pay attention to all the details of the rug.

Most dining rooms have wood furniture pieces, but whatever type of furniture pieces you may have, you want to find a rug that brings out your furniture, regardless of what it’s made from. Variations of earthy tones such as brown, green, burgundy, and red work perfect in dining rooms with wooden pieces. Furniture pieces made of other materials such as metals or steel would pair better with rugs of neutral tones such as white, gray, and black… it just depends on your design style.

In choosing a perfect dining room rug, here are some suggested rules:

The Perfect Rug Size

Here is a great rule of thumb for selecting the perfect size rug for any dining room. Measure your dining table and add 20-30 inches. You now own the ideal-sized rug for your dining room.

The Rug Shape

A rectangle rug is the most popular shape, it usually looks effortless in most dining rooms because they are usually a rectangle or square. You can use any shape table with a rectangular rug. 

While an oval rug can also look beautiful in a rectangle-shaped room. Follow the rule of thumb for keeping the chairs on a rug when they are pulled out for someone to sit down. Use an oval rug with a rectangular table.

On the other hand, a round rug will look fabulous under a round table in a rectangular or square room. But not an asymmetrical or round-ish room. A round table, in a round room, with a round rug under the table is not very interesting. A square rug can work with a round table nicely! 

The Right Rug Pattern and Color Scheme

Experts say to choose your rug first and then coordinate and style your room around it. But, how about if you already have all your furnishings? Well, you can look for a rug that contained the colors in your room and choose a large geometric pattern that would not compete with the patterns that were already in the dining room. With your color scheme in mind, pick the colors for your rug. Also, you can combine the rug’s colors and patterns with those of the other carpets in your house.

The Right Rug Type 

Low-pile rugs or ones that are relatively smooth will work best. High-pile rugs or rugs with a nubby texture may not be the best choice for under a dining room table. However, a flat weave rug is a great choice. Also, there are numerous sisal rugs and rugs made of natural fibers that are ideal for a dining area.


A candelabra is a candle holder that holds multiple taper candles. You would see candelabras on the dining room tables of the wealthy, and they were also used as a source of lighting in homes just a few centuries ago.

Did you know that the term candelabra comes from the Latin word candelabrum, which means a candle tree? This type of candlestick gets its name because the candle stand comes with many branches or arms to hold multiple candles, and often resembles a tree.

Now the purpose of candelabras have shifted from being a source of light to a statement piece for dinner tables in many homes. Candelabras give your table an antique flair and nostalgia that is absolutely gorgeous. Whenever I set out my candelabras, all my guests reminisce back to when their grandparents and great-grandparents would have them on their dining room tables.

Fine Dinnerware

For this dinner party, there will be NO paper plates, cups, napkins or silverware so just be prepared to wash dishes or put them in your dishwasher. This is not a cookout or backyard barbecue, so decorate and plan accordingly. Also, don’t be like me and miscalculate the number of people attending!  You can also check out this option to Buy product for your dinning room.

Whether we like it or not, we should admit that the type of dinnerware used is the very first item that draws our attention when we seat at the dinner table at a dinner party for the simple reason that the meal has not yet been served. This is particularly true at sit-down and formal dinners where the course moves from entrees to desserts. 

More so, tableware can also set the mood for the holidays such as gold, green and red tableware in a Christmas dinner.

I mean, you already have the fancy rug and the candelabras… doesn’t make any sense for you to skimp out on the dinnerware out of pure laziness for not wanting to wash the dishes or wash tons of cloth napkins! But believe me, I do understand not wanting to deal with dishes or additional laundry, but you have to think of it like this, you can either go big or go home!