Helpful Advice On How To Become A Better Musician

When it comes to music, everybody is a critic. No matter what kind of music you play or how well you play it, there will always be people who think that you could do better. This is especially true if you perform live and people can actually see how well (or not so well) you play your instrument. Do you want to become a better musician?

Being a good musician is not about being perfect, because nobody is perfect. However, you can be a much better musician with some helpful advice. The following article contains many tips and tricks that will help you improve as a musician. Read on for some great advice!


One of the most important things you can do to become better at music is practice. If you want to be a good musician, then you have to practice. There are no two ways about it. How much time should you spend practicing? The more the better! Those who get paid to play their instruments usually have one thing in common: they all practice a lot! If you want to make progress as a musician, then make sure that your instrument is always close by so that you can pick it up and start playing whenever you find some free time. You will improve slowly but surely if you are willing to put in the hours every single day. 

The kind of music you play will determine the practice you need. For example, if you play the guitar, then it will be more efficient to practice with a metronome. This is because they allow you to work on accuracy and timing. If you play the piano, get piano sheet music at Musicnotes, a site with a large catalog of piano sheet music, or find some other means of procuring sheet music, as long as you get them to practice with.  Another important thing to remember when it comes to practicing is that consistency is key. You cannot practice once every couple of weeks and expect great results. Practice daily, even if just for a little while, as this will help you improve faster than anything else!

Take Lessons

Taking some lessons from a professional musician is another great way to improve as a musician. Before you start thinking of all the reasons why taking lessons would be a waste of time, remember that there are many benefits to taking music lessons. There is no need to feel intimidated by professionals! Professional musicians love teaching others about their instruments and sharing their knowledge with others. Only practicing on your own may actually keep you from truly advancing as quickly as you should. 

Although not absolutely necessary, it might help if you find a good teacher in your area. However, there are many great teachers all over the world with access to Skype and other online teaching platforms. So, do some research and choose a few teachers from different areas so that you have options when it comes to taking lessons. You never know when something might come up which stops you from making the trip into town for your usual weekly lesson.

Make Music With Others

Connecting with other musicians is a great way to learn new ideas and techniques, as well as a chance to learn about all the different bands that are out there. You will also have access to live performances from these musicians which can be enjoyed from home.

If you’re shy, connect online. When you connect with other musicians online, it is much easier to build up a rapport since you will not feel judged by them because they don’t know what you look like. In real life, this is usually how it has to go: people judge others based on their looks before ever even hearing them speak or play an instrument, but the internet allows for a more open playing field where everyone can just be themselves! 

So, if meeting new people and learning from them is something that interests you, why not try searching the internet for musicians in your area? You might be surprised at how many people are out there looking for exactly the same thing as you!

Listen To Other Musician 

Some of the best musicians in history were not actually musicians themselves when they were young! How is this so? Because they listened to music all the time. Music is meant to be enjoyed after all, so why not have some fun. 

Experimenting with other people’s ideas is great for building up your skills as a musician, but you must always remember that it is important to create your own sound too. So, if you are interested in listening to music as a way to help with your own playing, why not give it a try? Listen to some of your favorite pieces and try to figure out how they were composed! Pay attention to the instruments being used, the beat, melody, tempo . . . everything! You might be surprised at how much this can enhance your overall performance once you have figured out what makes the piece so unique. 

Listen To Your Own Playing

The best and most efficient way to work on your skills as a musician is by listening to yourself play. This may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it is truly one of the most effective ways to improve. 

When you listen back, try not to focus so much on what you did wrong. Instead, pay attention to how you could have made it better or different with even just a slight change. Listen with an open mind and look for areas that need improvement instead of finding things that went wrong. When you can do this consistently, you will find that practicing becomes more than just a means of working hard and earning rewards; practicing will actually become enjoyable!

Minimize Distractions

No matter what you are doing, there will always be distractions. However, if you are trying to get better at playing an instrument, it is vital that you minimize these distractions so that your focus does not get broken. 

Distractions can come in many forms: loud noises, people talking too much, or too loudly while you are trying to concentrate on something else. It could even be that the internet is just too interesting! Whatever type of distraction might appear while practicing or listening to music, do your best to block them out.

If you can’t block out the annoyances around you, then try not practicing during those times. Instead, practice at a different time where all of these things are not happening. This way, you will learn your instrument well without having distractions constantly breaking your concentration. 

Find Your Motivation

Finding inspiration is helpful, but gathering motivation will always be much more effective. If you are interested in becoming a better musician but don’t think that you have what it takes to do so, then this could be the first step towards achieving your dreams! 

Think about all of the things that inspire you. Are they other people? Is it the music itself? Maybe it is seeing something incredible on television or reading an amazing book and wanting to play just like that. No matter what inspires you most, try focusing on it and using it as a form of motivation during your practice sessions. This way, even if there happens to be a lack of inspiration at one point in time while playing your instrument, the motivation should kick right back in! 

In conclusion, becoming a better musician is not as impossible as it seems. By using this advice and practicing each day, you will be well on your way to reaching greatness! Remember that motivation is what truly drives a person to success, so keep looking for reasons to be inspired and stay motivated during practice sessions. As long as you do these things consistently, you should become a better musician in no time at all! 

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