Great Songs about Moms

Your mom brought you into this world, took care of you, and taught you important things. And if you’re a mother, you know how tough this job can be. This is why Mother’s Day is well-celebrated around the world – it’s to appreciate the strong, amazing, loving, and beautiful woman who’s one of the greatest reasons for our existence (and why we’re still living). Here are some great songs to dedicate to moms in your life:

1. A Song for Mama, by Boyz II Men

While some of the songs on our list require mom to have particular interests, this one can be sung to any mother and is guaranteed to make her feel unique. This Boyz II Men song is all about love, with lines like “Your love is like tears from the stars…lovin’ you is like food to my soul” to demonstrate your devoted connection.

2. Angels, by Randy Travis

You might hesitate when listening to Randy Travis’ song Angels since the song’s opening prompts you to question whether it is actually intended as a tribute to mothers. Yet when you go through it, you’ll understand especially the lines “Are you telling me that you’ve never seen an angel? / Never felt the presence of one standing by? / No robe of white / No halo in site/ Well you missed the most obvious thing / Man, are you blind? / Just look in your mother’s eyes”.

3. Baby Mama, by Fantasia

The third song from Fantasia’s 2004 debut album, Free Yourself, is titled Baby Mama. This song is dedicated to “all those single moms out there who tough it out to take care of the kids and work two jobs, go to school.”

4. Coat of Many Colors, by Dolly Parton

This timeless ballad describes how Dolly’s mother made her daughter a coat from of rags that were given to the household. She related the biblical tale of Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors to Dolly while she pieced the coat together. Surely, this song will make us ponder on a lot of things and cry.

5. Dear Mama, by Tupac

This iconic rap song was brutally honest, recognizing the wrongdoings committed by Tupac’s mother. Tupac, though, disguises all of this in a straightforward fact: A single mother receiving welfare doesn’t have many choices. It’s all the more potent since truth was chosen over fantasy.

6. Don’t Forget to Remember Me, by Carrie Underwood

This song serves as a reminder of where we would be without our mothers. “The Wish,” a moving ballad by Bruce Springsteen, begins with his mother giving him his first guitar and ends with his achievement.

7. For the Kids, by M83 ft. Susanne Sundfør

In this song, a mother asks about her kid, who has apparently died away “when will I see your face again?”. This demonstrates how the mother cherishes the little, but lovely things in life when thinking of her child.

8. Hey Mama, by Kanye West

Kanye West and his late mother Donda had a very strong relationship. He raps to her and remembers their early difficulties in this song, “Hey Mama”.

9. I’ll Be There, by Mac Miller

In this song “I’ll Be There,” Mac Miller thanks his mother for raising him and keeping him sane throughout his path to fame.

10. I Hope You Dance, by Lee Ann Womack

Womack said, “When you got the choice to sit it out or dance,” we hope you’ll grab your mom and dance to this 90s song this Mother’s Day.

11. I’ll Always Love My Mama, by The Intruders

Vintage Philly soul is the best when it comes to serenading your mother, and this declaration of love from Gamble & Huff, “She’s my favorite girl!” gives them hope without being mushy, and like good Philly soul music, it’s fantastic for dancing.

12. In My Daughter’s Eyes, by Martina McBride

There are many adoring mother songs in country music, but none can compare to the heartfelt sentiments expressed in this one by a mother to her daughter. There are no mother-daughter arguments in this song; only the singer’s witness to her daughter’s love’s ability to transform. This was a rare country hit without guitars or drums because of McBride’s emotive vocals.

13. Julia, by The Beatles

Many fans did not realize John Lennon was singing about his late mother because this song was such a beautiful love ballad. While the later solo song, “Mother,” addressed the underlying conflict, this highlighted the sweet side of their relationship.

14. Like My Mother Does, by Lauren Alaina

Contrary to common perception, there are lots of mom-related country songs that don’t make you cry. Lauren Alaina’s recording career was begun by “Like My Mother Does,” which earned her runner-up status on American Idol. The upbeat song was actually first released in 2008 on the album Why Wait by American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook, making it a fan favorite.

15. Mama, by Spice Girls

The Spice Girls have a mature song about motherhood hidden below their typical enthusiasm. The singers acknowledge that they had arguments with their mothers when they were younger but have since learned to respect them as friends and mentors. The epitome of girl power.

16. Mama, I’m Coming Home, by Ozzy Osbourne

The song, co-written by Lemmy Kilmister, is about going back to a home where you know you’re loved. He reportedly wrote it about his wife Sharon, but moms and sons all over the world were moved by it.

17. Mama Liked the Roses, by Elvis Presley

“Mother Loved the Roses,” one of Elvis Presley’s most sentimental performances, was recorded in 1970, probably at the height of his vocal prowess. Although this memorial song was recorded 12 years after his mother Gladys’s passing, you can still hear Elvis fighting back tears during the spoken portion. Elvis’s love for his mother Gladys was legendary.

18. Mama Said, by The Shirelles

One of the first and best songs about mothers in rock ‘n’ roll is “Mama Said,” in which the vocalist recalls that her mother had warned her that she would experience first love.

19. Mama Tried, by Merle Haggard

You can have a saintly mother and still end up in jail, as Merle Haggard noted in this iconic song. The song “Mother Tried” was probably first thought of by Haggard himself, even though he didn’t record it until many years later. While he only received short prison terms for robbery, in contrast to the song’s hero who received life without parole.

20. Mama’s Song, by Carrie Underwood

In her songs “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” from 2006, Carrie Underwood bid her mother a heartfelt farewell not just once, but twice. Four years later, she asks her mother to accept her engagement and assures her that her partner is wonderful and will take good care of her.

21. Mom, by Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire, who are most known for their dance songs, take things a little slower in this midtempo song while still retaining some of their distinctive funk in their lyrics.

22. Mom, by Lucero

This song is all about mother-son relationship wherein it clears out that the mother in the song must not blame herself for the mistakes done by her sons. They may have done something bad but it does not equate with how they were raised by their mother.

23. Mother, by Ashanti

This song is dedicated for all mothers out there who stood by their daughters, gave them strength, guidance and unconditional love. It also appreciates mothers who, without them, their daughters wouldn’t be what they are. It is a great song that would surely be relatable for all mother-daughter relationships.

24. Mother, by Pink Floyd

This song is about the mother-son connection of the character Pink, who turns to his mother for advice and support, and who in turn helps him construct the wall that will shield and enclose him from the outside world.

25. Mother, by Sugarland

It’s difficult to pick just one line from this Sugarland’s song to highlight because they are all so endearing, nostalgic, and comforting, but there is a particularly lovely passage about tough love.

26. Mother Like Mine, by The Band Perry

Although there is no such thing as a perfect mother, they are still the greatest in the world. They are the best people we could possibly have, as well as our best mentors and role models. Over all else, their love is unlike anything else on earth, and The Band Perry’s “Mother Like Mine” wonderfully conveyed that viewpoint.

27. My Mother & I, by Lucy Dacus

Relationships between mothers and daughters are unique and complex, and Dacus’ song captures all of that and more. According to Dacus, the tranquil, lullaby-like composition is also a tribute to the Taurus astrological season.

28. Oh Mother, by Christina Aguilera

With its exploration of the singer’s own experiences of having an abusive father as a child, Christina Aguilera’s song “Oh Mother” takes a riskier turn. It honors her mother for having the guts to leave after concluding that she deserved more and attests to the strengthened mother-daughter relationship that developed.

29. Promise to Try, by Madonna

This poignant song from the Like a Prayer album is about Madonna’s mother, who passed away when she was just five years old. It serves as a gentle reminder to keep her mother’s smile in time, remember her mother’s face, and avoid letting memory trick her.

30. Ring Off, by Beyoncé

This is the best divorced mother song in modern pop. Overview about this song is about a mother holding out for a love that isn’t being reciprocated because the marriage in this house has broken down. Her daughter Beyoncé celebrates with a sizzling dance music when she decided she’d had enough and took the ring off.

31. Sadie, by The Spinners

The Spinners, a rhythm and blues vocal group from Michigan, performed the song “Sadie”. This song honors Sadie, a devoted mother, as well as all other young mothers who are constantly thoughtful.

32. Somebody’s Hero, by Jamie O’Neal

This 2005 song is a tribute to all mothers, especially those who give up their enormous goals to raise daughters. Jamie O’Neil sings about the mother’s courageous decision to let go of her daughter when she gets married and the daughter’s subsequent bravery in caring for her mother as she gets older.

33. Thank You Mom, by Good Charlotte

Joel and Benji Madden, the Good Charlotte twins, were nurtured in poverty by a single mother and dedicated this touching song from their debut in her honor.

34. The Baby, by Blake Shelton

If the Martina McBride song doesn’t make you cry, this one definitely will. The cliffhanger at the end, where the singer rushes to see his dying mother and sobs uncontrollably when he doesn’t make it, is what seals the deal. When this song reached the top of the country charts in 2003, the entire nation was in tears.

35. The Best Day, by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift excelled at capturing the small elements that help create a larger tale, even on her early albums. The mother-daughter relationship is explored in this Fearless track through a few emotional recollections, such as mom comforting her after a challenging day at school.

36. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, by Glen Campbell and Steve Wariner

There should be a hall of fame for mothers because they are creation’s most exceptional and priceless jewels, and heaven help us always to remember that the hand that rocks the cradle runs the world, based on Glen Campbell’s timeless country-rock crossover hit.

37. The Mother, by Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile gave the world a song for Mother’s Day that was both unique and relatable. Women everywhere will probably be able to relate to the experiences she sings about, beginning with “The first things that she took from me were selfishness and sleep,” even though the song is specifically about her daughter Evangeline, whose name and other personal information are right there in the lyrics.

38. The Perfect Fan, by Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys thanked their mothers, who helped them get where they are, as they wrapped up their successful Millennium album. The music of this song, which features a gospel choir and a hand-clapping finish, pulls out all the stops while the lyrics are heartfelt and emotional.

39. The Wish, by Bruce Springsteen

This song serves as a reminder of where we would be without our mothers. “The Wish,” a moving ballad by Bruce Springsteen, begins with his mother giving him his first guitar and ends with his achievement.

40. Tough, by Craig Morgan

The song’s heroine is a dedicated wife and mother who inspires her husband by overcoming breast cancer.

41. Turn to You, by Justin Bieber

Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mother, reared him primarily. He never forgot how hard she had it and lets her know in this touching tribute from Believe.

42. Two of Us, by Louis Tomlinson

“Two of Us” is Louis Tomlinson’s fifth single as a solo artist. Within the song’s swell of strings, piano, and pounding percussion, the singer is shown struggling with sadness and working toward hope.

43. What Mama Say, by Jason Mraz

This song is basically following what a mother may say or make you do. We all know that mothers only want what’s best for us, and it is clearly stated in this song. Also, this song is how a mother somehow prepares his son in having his own family because of the lines “Mama said I should be with a girl like you / I’m gonna work real hard, it’s what I wanna do / I’m gonna give you all my loving’ and make you a mama too”.

44. You Can’t Lose Me, by Faith Hill

Faith Hill’s version of “You Can’t Lose Me,” which discusses a mother’s unfailing love, is the perfect choice for Mother’s Day music.

45. Your Mother Should Know, by The Beatles

Paul McCartney wrote “Your Mother Should Know” at his London residence. The music evoked the heyday of music hall and Busby Berkeley showtunes. Paul McCartney can be seen in the movie as this song is playing wearing a black carnation on his tailcoat as opposed to the red ones that the other Beatles are donning. This aspect contributed to the idea that Paul had passed away.