Getting off cocaine with the help of a methadone clinic

Is someone dear suffering from cocaine abuse? Methadone treatment can be useful for them. You can seek methadone rehab clinics’ help in this matter; they rehabilitate cocaine addicts and help them walk the path to recovery with comprehensive care services. Methadone’s brand name is Dolophine, an opioid analgesic, which works as replacement therapy. If you go through the substance abuse and mental health-related guidelines, you will know that methadone can be available in different forms, such as liquid, pill, and wafer. Regular consumption of the drug leads to the prevention of opioid withdrawal by developing a tolerance for it.

If you know someone struggling with substance abuse, you can find methadone clinics nearby to help that person get off cocaine or other drug addiction. However, before that, it is essential to understand that methadone is not a cure. It just aids in the rehabilitation process as a part of it.

Why a patient goes to a methadone clinic?

Methadone is a legal drug in the US since 1947. It can help control drug withdrawal symptoms for a day and sometimes for up to 36 hours. People visit methadone clinics for various reasons, of which relief from opiate abuse can be the main thing. Whether it is an ongoing treatment or a relapse case, one can consult and seek treatment in any situation.

Doctors don’t administer methadone in the first meeting. The patient speaks about their history with the nurse or counselor to understand the cause of such a habit. A few tests, such as blood and urinalysis, happen. The staff explains to them the entire process, including treatment, goal, and regulations. They do a clinical evaluation to determine if the patient has some other condition and the result of substance abuse in their life. The medical tests give them insight into their patients’ past and present health conditions and the medical requirements. Besides, they also check their health for methadone treatment.

Since taking proper doses is essential, patients have to visit a methadone clinic for this also. Whether they have to go there every day or at a gap, the clinic would tell them. However, in some situations, individuals can manage their doses outside and may occasionally see the doctor.

If you or someone else from family and friends want to accompany the patient, there is no problem. The clinic will have physicians, counselors, nurses, receptionists, and other staff based on their schedule.

How does the treatment take place?

Whether you visit methadone clinics in North Carolina or any other region, the person suffering from cocaine abuse will get a tailored solution as everyone tends to have a response system toward a drug or treatment. Plus, the clinic’s environment, personal and professional life, social status, and other factors also contribute. That’s why treatment duration can vary from one patient to another. When they treat, they don’t just look into drug abuse. They also address other issues related to a job, legal matters, medical, and so on. For example, if a patient is an addict and has a co-occurring ailment, they will have to work on both these areas for a productive and healthy lifestyle.

Usually, clinics administer methadone as a part of the drug abuse treatment, consisting of medication-assisted therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and medical detox. Prescription medicines can check the impact of opioids on the brain along with cravings and dependencies. CBT can work as a coping mechanism for different stress points that often occur with substance abuse. Besides, medical detox can be useful in dealing with withdrawals. It can ensure long-term recovery for a patient.

How to find the right methadone clinic for cocaine abuse?

Finding a local methadone clinic for cocaine abuse should not be a challenge, as you can search for them online. You can use your state or city name to quicken up your search results. From them, you can filter out the best options and check service reviews and ratings. You can also ask your family, friend, and social circles about options. Then, some aggregator sites also provide state or city-wise listing. You can try all of them to locate a clinic that specializes in your interest area. Make sure the methadone clinic for the treatment is reliable and has an excellent track record.

Any substance abuse can ruin your health, and cocaine is quite dangerous to one’s the well-being and health. Serious side-effects of this particular substance include headaches, seizures, mood swings, lung damage, nosebleed, etc. You can experience appetite loss, temper issues, touch, sound and eyesight sensitivity, and more in the short-term. Hence, it is better to get over this addiction and bring life back on track. With the help of a quality methadone clinic, it can be possible. Hence, you should not let your loved one lead a degenerated life when there is a chance to improve and have a better future.

Benefits of Methadone Treatment

Apart from being safe and effective, methadone treatments are actually desirable by substance abusers since it provides them with a healthy way to regain balance in their lives. The benefits of getting your loved ones a methadone treatment may include but are not limited to:

  1. Reduction of cravings: Since the treatment involves using opioids to reduce the need of using cocaine, the chemical balance in the body significantly reduces cravings in patients.
  2. Return of chemical balance: Speaking of a chemical balance, the opioids help the abused body regain its chemical balance and function without the need to take drugs. This allows patients to be active and productive without abusing the use of cocaine.
  3. Relief from withdrawal symptoms: By far the toughest part of recovering from drug abuse is the symptoms of withdrawal that come along with it. The methadone treatment allows patients to feel calm and relaxed and survive without the need to take drugs.
  4. Does not show up in drug tests: If a recovering addict is looking to get back into society and work, they will be happy to know that methadone does not show up in regular drug tests unlike heroin and morphine. Only a specific methadone test will show traces of methadone in your body.

Side Effects of Methadone Treatment

Although a generally safe treatment, using methadone does have minor side effects much like any medication we may ingest. These side effects are harmless and can be experienced by some if not all patients going through the methadone treatment for cocaine addiction.

These side effects may be:

  1. Water retention – This may lead to unplanned weight gain, bloating or puffing of certain body parts.
  2. Skin rashes – Minor redness and irritation on the skin may be experienced, nothing serious or cause for medical attention.
  3. Drowsiness – The change of chemicals in the body may initially lead to a change in productivity and the patient may feel drowsier and sleepier than usual.
  4. Excessive sweating – Sweating more than usual may occur during or after methadone treatment.
  5. Constipation – Backing up of bowel movements is a very common side effect of methadone treatment but it can be treated using laxatives or light herbal treatments on the side.
  6. Change in libido – Patients may experience a change in sex drive, either an increase or decrease may be observed.

However, all these side effects disappear once the patient’s individual dosage has been fully administered.

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