Get Better Lighting In Your Room With These Designer Tips

If your room is dark, you won’t see adequately, let alone enjoy it. It would be in your best interest to ensure that the room is as bright as you want.

However, brightening a room is much easier said than done. The lighting of a room depends on many factors, including the placement of light fixtures, availability of natural light, and many more.

A significant renovation will often be the solution many people choose, but completely renovating a room is expensive and involves a lot of work. The good news is that interior designers know what to do to ensure that your room has better lighting.

The following are some of their tips:

1. Use Reflective Surfaces

Light is an exciting element in that it can reflect off surfaces and increase in volume and intensity. Therefore, if you want to have a brighter room, you should consider utilizing some reflective surfaces.

A fantastic solution in this regard would be full-length mirrors on a wall. These would reflect the maximum amount of light and make the room even brighter if there were several.

You can transform any other surface in the room and make it reflective if possible, including the furniture and doors. The windows can also be reflective, ensuring they keep the light in the room and not let it escape.

2. Change the Bulbs

If you have electrical fixtures in your room, but it still appears to be dark, then you should consider changing the bulbs inside them. It can make a tremendous difference to the brightness of the lights they produce.

One of the best options in this regard is LED lighting. Using LED lighting provides you with one of the most potent energy efficient solutions and vastly brighter light than most other types of bulbs.

You might have to spend more than you would with other types of bulbs, but the results will be fantastic. Brighter lights in a room create a different ambiance than dull ones.

3. Change the Paint

The paint of a room is one of the most significant determinants as to how bright it is. So, if your room is often dark, it may be that it is because of the dull colors within it. Therefore, you should consider a brighter coat of paint in your room. White, cream, yellow, and orange are an example of bright colors.

Painting the ceiling blue, in particular, seems to be effective at brightening up a room since it mimics the sky.

You do not have to change the paint in your room completely; you may have to pick a lighter shade. You should still have the color you want. For example, if your room is colored grey, a brighter shade of grey can turn up the brightness.

4. Add Ambient light Sources

If you want to improve the lighting in your room without going overboard, adding some light sources might do the trick. Ambient light sources will have the best results when it comes to brightening up a room.

Therefore, you should consider adding some large candles, orb lights, light strings, or other ambient lights to your room. They will not only make your room brighter, but they will provide it with charm and even a therapeutic effect.

The key in this regard is to place the lights strategically. Otherwise, your room will become too bright and cluttered, which are issues on their own.

5. Accessorize the Room

Accessorize the Room

One of the most challenging jobs an interior designer has is to accessorize a room. Most interior designers will do too much, which can have the effect of dulling the room.

It is particularly so when it comes to art. Having too much art in a room will cover the bright surfaces; hence it will darken the room. You would be better off with large pieces of art that make the room brighter.

Another accessory that can help make a room brighter is what you cover the floor with, which in most cases is a rug or carpet. If you have a dark-colored rug or carpet, then you will probably have a dark room. Vice versa is also true.

The larger the bright area rug or carpet, the brighter the room. The accessories you buy from your room will make a tremendous difference to its brightness, so choose wisely.

Brightening up a room is an interior design challenge. However, wherever there is a challenge, there is also an opportunity. Therefore, you should consider where you can make changes to your room that will not cost you that much money or effort. The above examples are a great starting point, but you can do more.