Fun Ways to Entertain Yourself During Long Road Trips

Even if you’re the most adventurous and passionate person, embarking on a long road trip can still be a bit challenging. This is because anyone can become bored at some point or another when they are cooped up in a car for a few dozen hours while driving on the road. That is why you should always plan ahead and think of ways to keep yourself entertained and still maximize your time while you’re on the road. 

  • Document your travels – This might need a bit of dedication, but documenting your travels even if you’re in the car can be one of the most fun things to do. While you’re on the road, you might find some fun or unique experiences that you might want to share with your friends.
  • Play Games – Just because you’re in a car does not mean that you cannot have fun. In fact, there are several games that you can play while you’re on a road trip, such as: 
  1. Ends With, Begins With game – In this game, all you need to do is pick a category, for example, an animal, then the next person should think of an animal, but he has to use the last letter of the animal given to start another. If you fail to think of an animal, then you’re out. 
  2. The Word Game – While you’re on a road trip, you will pass by many cars, so in order to play this game, you just have to look at their license plates and think of a word from those scrambled letters. 
  3. 20 Questions Game – You will have to choose categories such as objects, places, or people. After choosing one, you will ask your buddies 20 yes or no questions and try to guess the mystery item. The person who gets the correct answer will be the next one to choose an item. 
  • Listen to Podcasts – Podcasts are great for keeping you entertained while you’re on the road. There are several genres and topics that you can listen to base on your interest. All you need is an internet connection, or maybe you can download some episodes on your phone before you go. Hundreds of podcasts are available for downloads in different apps.
  • Listen to Audio Books – A road trip is also a great way to help you catch up on all your reading. Just like podcasts, listening to audiobooks can be exciting, and it can be an excellent way to keep yourself entertained while you’re on the road. There are several sites where you can download free audiobooks, and all you have to do is load them up before you embark on your trip. If you forgot to download, you could just subscribe to services where they often offer a free trial period. 
  • Do not forget to make a brief stop – Driving or sitting in the car for a long time can be pretty exhausting, too. That is why we suggest that you make a road trip plan before you go. This way, you can look for some interesting places along the way and check them out to make a brief stop. 
  • Do not be shy. Try car karaoke – We’re pretty sure that you’ve enjoyed singing in your car while driving. We do not blame you because singing is one of the most entertaining things to do. That is why we suggest that you make a playlist before you embark on a long drive. Singing your lungs out to your favorite guilty pleasure songs while you’re on the road can be a fun experience for everyone. Do not forget to lower the volume so you can hear yourself singing.