Fun everyday traditions you can do with your spouse

Between going to work, paying bills, and just getting through day to day life, it’s easy for everything to start to feel monotonous.  I think there’s a lot to be said for spontaneous humor and surprises, especially between spouses.

Here are some ideas of fun and easy traditions you can start to create special moments in between the blue moons when you can plan an extravagant date night.

  1. Keep a stack of “car questions.”  You can use the Conversation Starters cards, cards from the game Loaded Questions, or just write your own random questions on index cards.  Keep them in the glove box and you can ask each other while sitting in traffic or on a long trip.
  2. Change the screen saver.  Instead of having a picture of your kids or yourselves on your computer screen saver or background, make a fun game out of it.  Randomly change the screen saver sometimes to funny pictures you find online.  You can also post pictures of inside jokes or anything that the other one either loves or hates.  For instance, my husband hates sloppy joes, so I once changed our screen saver to a picture of a giant, cafeteria-style sloppy joe.  He got me back by changing it to a picture of Barney.
  3. Leave pictures of celebrities (again, those that the other one either loves or hates) in random places.  My husband loves Mila Kunis, so when I find a picture of her in a magazine I leave it in his car or on the mirror in the bathroom.  Sometimes I draw a little conversation bubble coming out of the mouth to make her say something funny.
  4. Try to buy something very little for the other one when you go to the store.  For instance, when I go to the grocery store, I try to find just one item that will surprise my husband (but also that he will use or eat!) just to make him laugh.
  5. Keep a mason jar on your dresser.  Throughout the year, write down something little that you love about the other one, and put it in the jar.  On your anniversary each year, sit down together and read all of them.
  6. Each month schedule a surprise date night, and take turns planning it.  Rather than going for dinner and a movie, go somewhere completely different such as a bingo hall or paddle boarding.
  7. Each time you hear a song that reminds you of the other one, make a CD of that song, and only that song, and leave it in the other person’s car.  Keep a cd case just for these CDs.