For Effective Cleaning: Can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace Broom?

Can a vacuum cleaner replace a broom? Well, a vacuum cleaner is certainly an effective tool to get rid of dust and other small particles in your house. But it is not a replacement for a broom unless you plan to do your cleaning from 10 ft. away! But on the other hand most people today use an upright vacuum cleaner. Usually, they have a detachable cable and can be used as a handheld device. This means that their usefulness is not limited to cleaning carpets. They can also be used for cleaning hard floors and even for cleaning windows. The blog below talks about whether or not you can use this technology in your regular vacuum cleaner or a similar device to replace your broom.

Different Factors about vacuum cleaner vs. broom

Let us know about the factors that may prevent you from discussing these issues about Can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace Broom?

Cleaning area

However, when using a broom it can be time-consuming and require many resources (including time-wise). Cleaning a large area with sweeping might be grueling. So, if you have a large home with several rooms and maybe even a courtyard or two, then vacuuming is the best option. Brooming is best who have less space.

Health wise

Some people are very allergic to dust. For them, it is best to vacuum their home every time – not sweeping because the smaller particles will remain in the air and cause some breathing issues. The issue with those small particles is that they’re too small, which is why vacuuming can be a better option than sweeping. You see, vacuums come equipped with HEPA filters and it’s these filters that do a great job of trapping the smaller, even microscopic particles back into the dirt cup so as not to ever let them back into the air.

Noise Pollution:

If you prefer to keep noise pollution at a minimum while keeping your space clean and fresh, then the sweeping method is the best choice for you. It’s a quiet way of cleaning that can be accomplished even during sessions at night ensuring a peaceful atmosphere around. The other way to fight against noise pollution is by adopting cheap, yet effective steps. For instance, people can establish better communication with their neighbors instead of going for treatments like silencers or any quiet zone treatment, etc. Even if someone cleans his/her room using a vacuum cleaner which gives loud sound if any motorized cleaning machine is used then still it won’t disturb their neighbors at all because of some reasons like if we take a close look at any motor that helps in providing power to a vacuum then it’s easy to predict that AC motor makes less sound than DC motors.

If you have pets?

Commonly, the owners of a household could develop a bit of pet-hair phobia when they are dealing with their pet’s shedding. Shed hairs can be found just about everywhere and they have no mercy in doing so! From the couches to carpets, stairs, and especially on beds. So, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the floor and carpet among other things can become much easier. And it’s a good idea to get your coworker involved as some pets can shed a lot more than others. But don’t worry; you don’t have to turn into an obsessive-compulsive person who is worried about picking up every single piece of hair because a big part of it will get left behind, especially if you have long hair animals. If you do have a problem with shedding pets though, we highly recommend getting a high-power vacuum cleaner like this prolux pet machine, which can make the task of vacuuming your home lots simpler.

FAQ related to can vacuum cleaner replace the broom

Can we use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom?

It’s said that old habits die hard. But you know, there are some old habits we could all do without. What kinds of habits am I talking about? Well, cleaning with a broom and dusting with a vacuum then, right? Yes – because today we all know that the broom is bad news for Hardwood floors and makes more mess than using a vacuum cleaner. Many people recommend using the vacuum to clean your house over any other option available on the market as it offers an efficient way to get your home sparkling by carrying off dust in easy-to-empty containers.

Is brooming better than vacuum?

When comparing your broom to the vacuum cleaner that has been sitting in your closet for far too long, you might wonder if a broom might be more convenient than a vacuum for cleaning floors. One thing to consider is the fact that sweeping dust and debris can create airborne particles 37 times more than vacuuming it up with a powerful vacuum. Now everything you once walked on or through will invade what is known as your breathing space so why aren’t you using a vacuum? All that you have just walked over or walked through will now become much more likely to enter your breathing space.


The vacuum cleaner can never replace a broom .because of several reasons such as no doubt a vacuum cleaner is a machine that is made with the sole purpose of cleaning the floors. The broom on the other hand is a tool that was made to clean the floors. The difference between the two is that the vacuum cleaner sucks the dirt, dust, and debris away from the floor while the broom sweeps the debris and dirt off the floor. The broom is made to clean a specific area of the floor while the vacuum cleaner is meant to clean an entire floor. Do we hope you enjoyed our article about Can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace Broom? With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your home cleaning projects and always have a clean home.

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