Five Best Places to Advertise in California

California, home to the city of Angels, the golden gate bridge, Hollywood, and so much more. California is a massive state that has everything from beaches to snowy mountains, and forests that reach the skies. Famously, one of the forests featured in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy is located in California. Cali is truly a special state in the hearts of millions, and is the object of affection in a plethora of songs and ballads. Adding to California’s international reputation is undoubtedly the popularity of Hollywood and film/entertainment as a main product of the United States internationally. All of this clout, fame, and history make California one of the most famous states in the entire nation.

With that in mind, California is also considered a prime destination for all sorts of marketing campaigns, truly regardless of industry. However, there are a lot of different ways to connect and communicate with the consumers and residents of California. Where you decide to advertise in California can be largely determined by who you’re trying to reach, and what type of campaign you’d like to run.

On Billboards

Billboards are an extremely popular form of marketing, and really have been since they first burst onto the scene. From Bakersfield billboards to billboards in Los Angeles and San Francisco, there are plenty of different California regions that have prime billboard real estate. No matter if you’re setting up Bakersfield billboards or billboards anywhere else in California, you’re going to want to target any number of their highly trafficked highways.

While all billboard marketing campaigns are slightly localized, Bakersfield billboards would likely be much more regionally focused than billboards in larger metropolitan areas of the state. This is because Bakersfield billboards would likely be targeted specifically at residents of the smaller city, or would act to inform visitors about the region’s attractions.

Campaigns that make use of Bakersfield billboards will therefore be designed slightly differently than other more general billboard campaigns in a larger city with a broader audience base. Billboard campaigns can be an effective form of marketing in any major metropolitan area with a healthy volume of regular highway traffic.

Public Transit Marketing

Another great way to execute a marketing and advertising campaign in California is through transit marketing. Transit marketing can involve any number of different strategies that are focused on increasing brand visibility, and consumer awareness. Not only that, but transit marketing can be a good way to engage consumers and can help drive follow up actions.

There are different types of transit marketing, from a station-take-over campaign in which a single brand or organization rents out the entire marketing and advertising space of a single public transit station. This is a great way to announce big events, like an upcoming film or product release, and can also be an excellent strategy for a new brand entering the marketspace, as it is sure to get the attention of many consumers.

Other forms of transit marketing include commissioning a wrap on a public bus or train which is another creative and engaging way for your brand to stand out in the eyes of consumers.

Making use of Street Furniture

With the amount of foot traffic and public transportation that occurs in the cities of California, there is no reason not to capitalize on street furniture advertising opportunities. There are a plethora of different street furniture campaigns that organizations can utilize in order to get their messaging out there.

From bus-shelter advertising to bench-wrapping, there are a lot of options for your creative team to think outside the box and make use of street-furniture advertising all throughout California.

Wildposting in Cali

Wildposting is another relatively popular marketing technique that is available in most metropolitan and urban areas. Wildposting makes use of spaces wherein posters and vinyls can be hung in volume and in succession.

This is a great way to create a somewhat of a mosaic with your advertising and catch the attention of your target audience.

Retail Advertising Opportunities

Retail advertising is another growing marketing and advertising avenue that is gaining traction with modern marketing professionals. Retail advertising can take on several different sizes and shapes, and the campaign-design can be customized to fit the needs of the brand, as well as the needs of the target audience.

There are a lot of retail advertising opportunities currently available in California that are more than worth checking out.

Wrapping Up

Like in other states with major metropolitan cities, there are a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns and strategies to choose from. In California, you can make use of billboard campaigns, street furniture advertising, and a variety of other marketing strategies. Just be sure to do your due diligence and conduct target-audience research before launching your campaign.