Experiences to Put on Your Bucket List

A bucket list is a personal list of the top things you wanted to achieve. In this list, you could add everything you could think of including the list of the places you wanted to go to, things or food you like to eat, people you like to meet, and even skills you love to learn. The catch is, this list contains the personal things you think to accomplish or explore during your life span. Additionally, it helps us hold accountable for pursuing our dreams and goals. “We only live once,” as the saying goes—# YOLO.

Creating your own bucket list is a fun thing to do. It’s one of the most personal things one could possess since every people has their own mental notes of the things they want to do in their life. Plus, it is also essential to take time for the things that make you happy and enjoy life.

The point of making a bucket list is to try and experience the things that you haven’t ever experienced in your life. With that, you should fill in the specifics yourself. But below are some of the suggestions you could absolutely try if you are still contemplating on the things you should do or explore.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing isn’t your ordinary fishing. As its name suggests, it’s basically fishing on the opening of a frozen body of water. This is an exciting experience since it can be extremely complicated, relaxing, or a bit of both. Aside from that, ice fishing at night could give you the opportunity to have ice camping. So, if you are on this kind of thrill, you should probably put ice fishing on your list. Additionally, since this activity is done during the cold season, it is advised to wear warm clothing in order to prevent frostbites and to protect you against ice winds.

Get Lost in an Unknown City

If you love the thrill of being lost yet love to wander and explore, this is one of the perfect ideas that you could add up to the list. You can wander in a big city or in a small countryside via bicycle or just merely by walking. You could stop by in various places like beaches, ice cream shops, or beautiful parks.

Ride on a Hot Air Balloon

A ride on a hot air balloon will definitely take your breath away as you see a wide view angle of the world beneath you. On top of that, it can be a suitable replacement for our childhood dream of getting to the moon. At least, on a hot air balloon ride, the closest thing we get is to fly high above the skies. Most importantly, it is a must ride for someone who wanted to shake their fear of heights out. In fact, it is allegedly the top seven among the list of twenty things people want to do before they die.

Dive Underwater

After exploring the sky through a hot air balloon ride, you should also try underwater diving. Also, the underwater world is as beautiful, and as impressive as the life we have on land. There were lots of things to see, such as the beautiful and various types of fishes and corals. It can be a scary or exciting experience for those who fear the seas or the ocean, yet it can be a rewarding one. Besides, the purpose of a bucket list is to try the things that you haven’t yet experienced or can be the things that make you happy.

Sleep inside an Igloo While Watching the Northern Lights

An igloo is a dome-shaped shelter that is usually built from blocks of snow. However, modern igloos were now made out of thermos glass so you could have a better view of the night sky or the northern lights if you are in Norway or Greenland! Sleeping under the northern lights while snuggling in the comfort of an igloo is probably the coziest and most relaxing thing you could add to your bucket list. You could also take pictures, write a poem, or simply listen to relaxing music while staring up at such an exquisite light. This experience could be done alone or with a company of a loved one.