EJ Dalius envisages some tactics to survive in the post COVID scenario

The pandemic that has shackled most of the world has gravely affected the business arena. It has exposed human beings to unprecedented circumstances. The business sector has also seen a fair amount of turmoil. To return to a profitable position requires theright amount of innovation, planning, strategizing to pull the resources. The organizations should make efforts to reimagine their business model while strategizing on their return policy. EJ Dalius draws leaders’ attention towards some specific strategic areas that may breed profits for the entrepreneurs.

What should be your strategy?

Working to recover revenue

with the crisis gradually abating, the companies have to recover the payments. The companies will have to rethink their revenue policies to combat the present scenario. As an entrepreneur, you will have to identify the primary sources of revenue for your company. You will also have to make efforts to establish the policy. According to Eric Dalius, it requires an effective campaign targeted towards winning loyal customers. You will have to work out on your promotion strategy, relocating your revenue spending’s, are-skilling the employees, establishing flexible payment terms, etc.

Efforts to rebuild operations

the pandemic has brought about drastic changes to the demand for services and products across various sectors. It is a striking feature of how many companies have adapted to the new level of productivity, visibility, and connectivity. As an entrepreneur, you will have to try to build operations strategically. For any business to grow, it requires a full technology-driven mechanism. According to Eric J Dalius, some changes have been brought about by the pandemic in the industry structure, demand pattern, customer expectation that requires a shift in the operational strategies. A successful company will be one that reinvents the role of operations in its enterprises effortlessly.

Rethinking your organization

the post covid scenario requires every business owner to review their organizationshortly. You will have to think strategically regarding three critical questions. It includes who you are, how you work, and how you grow. The more you gather information regarding these three areas, the better it is for your business venture.

The above-given points reveal the fact that organizations are struggling to get back their previous status. However, you can desireto improve your position by planning strategically, pooling all your resources in one place, working on operations procedures, etc.

You must discuss your business crisis with your employees so that you people can work together as a team. Only when you involve them in your business issues will they work hard to overcome your business crisis.

Everyone is aware of the present scenario; thus, there is no harm in requesting your employees’ support to pull through hard times. You have to bring in all your resources to work together with your team to ensure that you overcome the crisis in a short period. Do not underestimate the potential of your team members as together you can transform business failures into success.