Discover the Best Spots for Tucson Billboards

If you’ve spent much time in Tucson, you’ve probably noticed the billboards. It’s hard to miss the mix of digital and printed billboards as you travel through busy streets, highways, and freeways. Tuscon billboards offer your business amazing visibility. With almost 550,000 people to reach, they’re a great option to help you increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and grow your business.

But, if you want to advertise your business on a big billboard in Tucson, what’s the best location? Let’s take a look at your options!

Attract Out-of-Towners with Tucson Billboards

If you’re a local business that benefits from tourist dollars, you’ll want to advertise where they are! And, if there’s one place you can expect tourists to go it’s attractions catering to their needs. You have many options for billboard locations near several high-traffic locations:

But don’t think these billboard locations are only good for out-of-town traffic! Look at what other businesses are in the area, and what themes your prospects may be attracted to.

Local gardeners and plant lovers may still be attracted to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Families will flock to Reid Park Zoo on weekends and in the summer to keep children entertained. And if you have science-themed business or space models, why not try a billboard near the Pima Air & Space Museum?

Hey Sports Fans, Check Us Out!

How long were the lines the last time you tried to go to a game? And have you ever noticed how sports fans often spend a lot of time around stadiums and sports complexes afterward to rehash the game? Use their fandom to help your advertising.

But remember, several of these stadiums offer more attractions than just sports. They’re frequently used as party locations, meeting rooms, concert venues, and more.

Take a look at the demographics who will be attracted to different events. It will be easy for you to find common ground. If you can plan your billboard marketing accordingly, you will get a highly targeted billboard ad with great coverage for your business.

Turn Traffic Jams into Marketing Opportunities

Remember the last time you got stuck in a traffic jam? Even if you’re rocking out to tunes on your radio, you still need visual stimulation. It helps you keep alert while you wait for traffic to crawl along. In Tucson, you can use that to your marketing advantage by choosing a billboard on a high-traffic route your prospects frequently travel! Some great options for you to consider are:

  • W. Ajo Way
  • Interstate 19
  • Interstate 10: Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway

Tucson Billboard Prices

With around 181 locations, you have many billboard options and competitive prices. The lowest billboard price we’ve been able to find in Tucson is around $600. But the average is around $1.5K. Of course, the prices fluctuate depending upon the time of year and demand.

Demand, aside from seasonal fluctuations, varies based on many factors:

  • How popular is this location?
  • What neighborhood does it target?
  • Does it have a good location within the community?
  • How high-traffic is the area?
  • What number of views can you expect?
  • Are there any obstructions between the viewer and the billboard?
  • Is it on the right- or left-hand side of the street?

How to Choose the Best Billboard Location For You

Choosing a billboard location isn’t rocket science, but you should be strategic. Figure out what available locations will attract your ideal clients. Choose billboards near those areas. Or, if you’re marketing to a specific neighborhood, make sure it’s the one your prospects will be in! Increasing your visibility won’t do you any good if the right people don’t see your ad.

If you have a tight budget, you may want to consider locations others regard as less desirable. A billboard on the left side of the street is almost always cheaper than one on the right. But, if you’ve chosen an area with high foot traffic, you can compensate for the reduced visibility to commuters.

And, if you can strategically design your billboard ad to account for visual barriers, you can find a great deal. A tree or building in front of your ad isn’t a problem if your ad design is planned around it.

Getting Real

Few advertising options offer you more visibility than billboards. And, with one ad, you can reach a wide variety of audiences! than billboards. In Tucson, you have a wide variety of affordable opportunities.

With billboard locations near highways, tourist attractions, sports stadiums, airports, and colleges, you can target almost any audience with your billboard ad. The key to your success will be developing targeted ads and choosing your locations strategically.