Delicious Mayonnaise Snack Recipes

Mayonnaise, a lot has been said about this thick, creamy, and delicious delightful treat. This heavenly treat brings up a great deal of goodness. No matter how much you try, you will rarely stumble upon something as good as a thick mayonnaise dipping. You can add it to your sandwiches or salads or anything to enhance their taste. Added to that, mayonnaise is a great source of protein and vitamins. They also come in different tastes- sweet mayo sauce, sour mayo sauce, and spicy mayo sauce. Here we will discuss some delicious recipes that you can try with mayonnaise.

Spicy, Creamy Mayonnaise Chicken Sandwich

A delicious treat and also easy to make. Toss some cabbage leaves or lettuce in olive oil, slice up some tomatoes, and zucchini. Slice up some avocado. Then prepare some brown bread toast, and fry up some chicken breasts. Lastly, some cheese slices. Layer up everything in between the toast pieces and add a generous amount of mayo dressing. An amazing treat to dig in.

Healthy Mayonnaise salad with Olive Oil dressing

The perfect snack for health-conscious folks this is one of the most ideal snack types. You will need some cabbage leaves, lettuce, chickpeas, slashed and chopped up peas and other greens. Add more vegetables based on your palate. Toss them nicely with olive oil and then add some spicy mayonnaise in it. Health and taste in one bowl, who can ever say no to that.

Chicken wings with spicy mayonnaise dips

One of the most delicious snack recipes that are perfect for a get together with your friends. Get some chicken breasts and cut some small pieces off. Fry them in hot oil while dousing them in a coat of egg and bread crumbs while adding some salt and pepper. Now make the chilli mayo dip while adding some paprika powder in it, a perfect tasty snack for the evening ready to tickle your tastebuds.

Spicy mayo potato salad

One of the most delicious and healthy foods out there is the spicy mayo potato salad. Get some boiled potatoes, and mix it with some butter, yoghurt, cilantro, basil and other aromatic herbs. Then add a generous amount of mayonnaise. A perfect tasty treat with a good dose of health.

Spicy mayo chicken with pita bread

Another perfectly healthy and tasty treat is the chicken salad with pita bread. Get some oven cooked shredded chicken and mix it with some generous amount of mayonnaise sauce, add some delicious aromatic herbs and some lime juice in it. Put some generous amount of veggies to add more nutritional value to the food. Dapple it off with some pita bread which will be amazing for dinner.

Crispy potato wedges dosed with honey chilli with spicy mayo dip

A perfect treat for spicy food lovers. Potato wedges and fingers cooked with honey and chilli and pepper gives it a perfect snack rank. It’s so delicious that it would give you the perfect taste in your mouth. Added to the menu would be a chilli induced mayonnaise dip. An amazing treat once in a while for your tastebuds.

Fish and chips with tartare sauce

Tartare sauce is a cream-based sauce made with mayonnaise and cilantro. This sauce gives a perfect taste when eaten along with the iconic dish of fish and chips. Fish cooked with butter and herbs and potato chips cooked by deep frying the potatoes make a perfect snack for late evenings or pre-dinner palate.

With all these amazing dishes and recipes, which are also quite simple, to be eaten with mayonnaise are also very easy to cook and will give your taste buds and your health a laugh of joy.