Dear Mum: Here’s How to Keep Your Career Afloat Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being a mom is hard, but it’s never been harder than in 2020. 

Business has been slow, and employees all over the world have come face to face with the possibility of salary cuts and, even worse, job loss. All thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you were just getting started with job search, this isn’t a great time. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom. 

Here are simple ways to get ahead and even triumph amidst the tough times.

1. Don’t Slow Down on Applications

Granted, numerous companies are laying off staff at this time. However, some are still scouting for the right talent to help drive their business agendas post-COVID-19. 

Many businesses are also looking for workers that can work remotely during this period, and these are opportunities you should look out for.

Take the time to polish and update your resume and start making applications. This is not a time to gamble; therefore, give more attention to applications for jobs you are well-suited for.

2. Hone Your interviewing Skills

Should you impress an employer, there is a likelihood that they will request to interview you virtually. 

While the principles of a virtual interview are much less the same as those for an in-person interview, it does need some additional preparation. 

For starters, identify a suitable place of your home with a pleasant background and little noise. This should be the interview spot. 

Similarly, have good, clear copies of your academic papers to refer to or even to hold up for the interviewer to see.

Be careful because signs of being disorganized or distracted can deny you a job that you qualify for.

3. Update Your Skill Base

If like most people, you have a lot of time on your hands, you can use it to expand your skills base. 

And it doesn’t get easier than taking up an online class. However, you must ensure that you sign up for classes at a reputable institution as not every entity is accredited.

Unaccredited institutions may not provide quality education, and most employers will not recognize their courses.

Even though you are not ready to start yet, check out to get an idea of the options that you have and even how much it would cost to pursue certain courses.

If you are ready to go, enroll, and start learning right away.

4. Reconnect with Your Networks

This is an excellent time to reconnect and build new networks

With work having slowed down for many people, your networks probably have a bit more time on their hands at the moment. 

Use this as an opportunity to rekindle old flames and start laying the foundation for new connections.

It is a good idea to join professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with like-minded individuals or professionals in your career field. Networking will help you hear of jobs that do not make it to job boards and recruitment agencies.

5. Bring Your A-Game

If you are working through this period, it probably means you are working from home. 

If you were edging towards a promotion at the beginning of the year, do not let your previous efforts die down.

Be a remote star employee by meeting your deadlines, communicating effectively, supporting your colleagues, and even offering to take on additional projects. 

These actions help to communicate your commitment and zeal and will help you to be more noticeable. This will ensure that you will not be forgotten when management will be making decisions concerning promotions. 

In a Nutshell

Do not take time off. 

As you wait for life to normalize, look at the things you can do to inch a step closer to your career goals. 

This calls for you to keep working hard if employed and to always be on the lookout if you are an active job seeker.