Creating the Perfect Mommy and Daddy Date Night with Fresh Lobster

In today’s fast-paced world, it seems to be harder and harder for couples to find the time to get away for a date night. When the occasion is rare, you don’t just want to make time, you want that time to be as special and memorable as possible. The best way to guarantee this satisfaction is to find an idea that you’ll both appreciate.

Planning is Key

If you’ve never tried cooking lobster at home, then the perfect opportunity to create a fun and meaningful experience is right at your fingertips, all it requires is a little planning. Make sure that you send your kids to a babysitter out of the house, or else arrange for a private setting that offers a kitchen. You’ll want to look up instructions on how to cook lobster in advance and ensure you have everything you need to make the cooking as simple as possible.

Order Overnight Delivery

It should be no surprise that to make your date night as special as possible, you’ll want everything to be absolutely perfect. Don’t take any risks by buying a lobster that’s been sitting around in a tank since the last time your went out on a date together. Now that you can take full advantage of overnight or same-day lobster delivery to almost anywhere in the country, you can have a live delivery of Maine lobster sent straight from the ocean right to your door.

Try Something Unique

This is an experience that offers so many advantages to those looking to capitalize on the little time that they have and want to enjoy something truly unique and special together. If you and your significant other are people who enjoy sharing irreplaceable experiences together, you’ll love learning to cook your own lobster. The reward at the end will be one of the best meals you’ve ever tasted.

Finding the Perfect Wine

If you enjoy wine pairings, then you probably already know that the best wine to serve with shellfish is a white wine. If you have a favorite variety, or something that is meaningful, then it won’t hurt to bring a bottle of an old favorite that you already love to share. If not, then it won’t be difficult to find a wine suggestion to pair specifically with lobster. After all, while you’re trying out new things, you might as well take it one step further.

The Traditional Sides

Lobster is a rich seafood. It helps to serve something on the side to cleanse your palate. Traditionally, communities near lobster fishing areas along the Atlantic tend to pair lobster with potato salad and a green vegetable. Asparagus, which is known for its aphrodisiac properties, can make an excellent selection for your date if you both enjoy it. Keep it simple.

lobster dish with cheese placed in black bowls image

Shell-Shocking Interesting Facts about Lobsters

Since you decided to make your dinner date extra romantic with the help of our shell friends, here are some fascinating facts about lobsters.

  • Did you know lobsters taste food with their legs? The chemosensory leg and foot hairs in lobsters identify food. Also, the small antennae in front of lobsters’ eyes are used to track down far-away foods. Further, lobsters use their stomachs to chew food. The grinding structure lobsters use to chew food is called a gastric mill. It is like the set of teeth in the abdomen behind the eye and is about the size of a walnut. Now, that’s a talent! 

fresh lobster on ice image

  • Did you know lobsters’ shells were once used as golf balls? The shells left over from lobster processing are usually dumped in landfills. A professor at the University of Maine made a golf ball with a core made from lobster shells. It is also biodegradable and designed for golf on cruise ships and golf courses near oceans and lakes. Who says lobsters are not good for sports?
  • Did you know lobsters were served to the prisoners before? The lobster was once considered a poor man’s chicken. During colonial times, lobster was considered cheap, plentiful, and “tasteless,” so only poor indentured laborers and prisoners ate lobster. After, a prisoner in a Massachusetts town, grew sick of eating constantly. A new rule was passed stating prisoners would only eat lobsters three times a week. Prisoners dined like kings!
  • Did you know female lobsters are more aggressive? There is not much courtship before reproduction with lobsters. Newly molted females release pheromones to signal their mood to males. Shelled lobsters are usually vulnerable and can be eaten by other lobsters, but when a female says she’s ready to put it on, the male lobster will usually opt to follow than kill her. Also, a female lobster can only mate just after she has been molted. It looks like the lady boss is on the loose. 

An exciting date night doesn’t have to mean a wild night out on the town. Try something that’s unique and a lot of fun. You just may have an experience you’ll never forget.