Cleaning for People Who Hate to Clean

You might be thinking, “who in their right mind would want to spend time writing about cleaning?”  Well, the truth is that I’m pretty proud of all the tricks I have gained that decrease the time it takes to clean and buy me time in between cleaning.  I almost feel as though my house cleans itself!  Almost.

If you dread cleaning but love a clean house, I wrote this for you. Also, you will know here where to find the most trusted provider of high-quality cleaning services. For more information, read more…

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1. Set A Cleaning Schedule

As with everything else, if you don’t schedule a time for it, it won’t get done.   I stick to a regular cleaning schedule so that I never have to spend an entire afternoon catching up. Also, using the right cleaning tools and materials will help you finish the job faster. And I want to share with you that I found out that indeed skip bins are great for larger rubbish.  You can find the printable version of this schedule in the Schedules chapter (page) and on the thumb drive.  Here is the cleaning schedule that I recommend:

  • Daily
    • Clear clutter
    • Do dishes
  • Weekly
    • Sunday: Laundry including sheets, clean out the refrigerator, take out the trash
    • Monday: Clean all the floors – mop and vacuum
    • Tuesday: Clean bathrooms
    • Wednesday: Dust house, clean all glass
    • Thursday: Declutter
    • Friday: Laundry, clean bedrooms
    • Saturday: Any needed miscellaneous cleaning
  • Monthly
    • Week One: Clean out the garage
    • Week Two: Clean furniture, base boards, windows, and window sills
    • Week Three: Clean and organize cabinets, clean oven
    • Week Four: Dust blinds and fans, wash windows, and wash curtains
  • Quarterly
    • Thorough decluttering
    • Thoroughly clean car, inside and out
  • Annually
    • Spring Cleaning
    • Go through and clean out attic and storage spaces. You can hire Mold Removal From Crawl Space professionals to do this for you.

Busy homeowners seek the help of professionals. Cleaning professionals have proper training, cleaning tools and supplies, and experience to do the different tasks you require for your property. If you can’t keep up with your cleaning schedule, hiring cleaning services can help ensure your property is clean and well-organized. 

2. Keep The Cleaning Products Handy

an image of cleaning products and equipment

Some cleaning products will buy you some time between cleanings.  For some people, this may not be worth the extra money.  However, if you’re short on time but have some extra money to spend, these products will keep your house looking cleaner.  If you’d rather use less expensive products that work well, see the end of this post for a chart of the best ways to clean specific areas of your home. For more natural based cleaning products a number of new eco-friendly brands offering safer cleaning products free from harmful chemicals are also gaining popularity.

  • Blue toilet cleaning tablets: they give your toilet a “mini-cleaning” every time it’s flushed; you can also cut off the corner of an extra strength toilet cleaning sponge, let it soak in the toilet overnight, and then flush it in the morning
  • After-shower spray: they prevent grime from building up so that you have less to clean later; if you don’t want to buy one, you can use a dish cleaner and fill the handle with half dish soap and half vinegar.  Keep this in the shower and use it quickly a couple times per week.
  • Extra strength cleaning sponges, for the kitchen or bathroom – I keep these in the areas I need to use them and will do a quick two-minute cleaning if it’s needed
  • Microfiber cloths: they clean much deeper than paper towels and don’t leave streaks or scratches; they can also be washed and reused

EPA-approved cleaning products are valuable for maintaining a healthy home. These environmentally responsible products come with clear labels for proper usage and safety. While homes may not have the same regulations as commercial spaces, EPA-approved products support recommended cleanliness standards, offering confidence in informed and responsible cleaning choices for your household.

Be sure to also check out options for the Best skip bin hire company as well. Having a designated container for waste ensures that your property remains safe and neat throughout the cleaning process. You won’t have to deal with piles of debris or clutter that could cause accidents or hinder your progress.

3. Challenge Yourself 

Some people are not interested in cleaning because they find it boring. Well, a great idea to make this activity fun is by setting different challenges for yourself.

For example: set a 15-minute timer and challenge yourself to do the dishes and vacuum the living area before the timer goes off. It may sound weird to you, but this tip works really well. 

4. Automate Cleaning Tasks

Technology can be a savior at times. Especially when it comes to cleaning, automation can make the process as easy as possible. You can not only save a lot of time on the house chores but it cuts down the effort as well. To avail this great deal, all you need to do is invest in automation products like dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners, self-cleaning ovens, automatic washing machines, and others. 

Automated appliances, also known as smart devices, use sensors, processors, and connectivity to perform tasks autonomously. They collect data from the environment or users, process it, and communicate via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other means. Interaction occurs through controls, apps, voice commands, or remote access. AI and automation enable personalized adjustments. These devices offer energy efficiency, remote monitoring, and integration into smart home systems while requiring strong security measures.

5. Have an ‘Emergency’ Cleaning Routine

We all know how it feels when guests come over to an untidy house. All you have is a few minutes to tidy up the space and that’s when only implicating an ‘emergency cleaning routine’ can work. 

Focus on the areas around the house that your guests are more likely to visit, like the washroom, living room, guest room, or kitchen. Spend a few minutes in each room, wiping down the surfaces, fluffing the pillows, emptying the bin or whatever you think is the need of the moment. You will be surprised to see the transformation of your house within minutes.

6. Do A Load of Laundry Daily

an image of hanging dresses on a clothesline for drying

Pilled-up laundry baskets have the ability to demotivate you and create tension. So, don’t forget to do a load of laundry first thing in the morning or before leaving for work. It is much easier than spending a whole day doing piles of laundry. 

7. Create A Space For Mess

It might not be possible to keep your home spotless all the time. So, it is a practical approach to have a safe space for the mess that could be a room or just a corner of the storeroom. You can also encourage your children to share the space; they will love it. 

Some Cleaning Hack To Follow

  • After sweeping, it’s always impossible to sweep all the leftover particles into the dustpan.  A wet paper towel will pick up everything that the broom can’t.
  • When using a sponge, heat it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds beforehand.
  • Keep small amounts of cleaning supplies in the room in which they are used (out of the reach of children!).  I like to use just a small packet of disinfectant wipes or a few paper towels and a bottle of cleaner in a freezer bag.  When you have an extra five minutes here or there, you can do a quick cleaning – these add up and make a big difference.  I’ll do a quick cleaning of my bathroom floor while my toddler is brushing her teeth or taking a bath.
  • If you are having trouble cleaning your bathtub, there are some specific guides out there you can check.
  • When you’re able, hire a cleaning professional.  You can usually find good deals on services such as LivingSocial or Groupon, or you can hire a college student to help.
  • Keep a Dust Buster on each floor of the house so that you can quickly clean up the edges of rooms and halls, where it tends to collect dirt and pet hair more quickly
  • If your house has an odd smell, put 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract in a coffee cup and put it in the oven at 300 for one hour.
  • When cleaning the shower or bathtub, do a quick scrub, then spray very hot water all over, and do a thorough scrub.  The hot water will increase the effectiveness of the cleaner.
  • Organize and hang your cleaning equipment with a handy carabiner

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Cleaning is not a fun activity for everyone. However, you can make it easier, quicker, and hassle-free by implementing the above-mentioned tips and tricks. The key is to make cleaning part of your daily routine rather than piling up the clutter for another time. Hope the post has helped you. Happy cleaning!