Citrus and Citronella: 4 Essential Essential Oil Blends for Summer

We can finally put thieves and peppermint away. Now it’s time to mix up some essential oil blends for summer. Get inspired, here.

Did you know that the US is home to a whopping 91,000 described species of insects? Or that many of these “bugs” are most active during the summer season?

In fact, summer’s increased rains and temperatures trigger a huge spike in pest counts!

All this doesn’t mean that you should start hating summers. There are plenty of ways to combat this buggy season, one of which is through the use of essential oil blends. Some essential oils can help keep bugs away, while others can help you sleep better during hot nights.

Ready to learn all about the best summer essential oil blends to make on your own and stock up on? Then let’s get right into it!

1. Citrus and Citronella Oil Blends

Citrus refers to the species of citrus fruit-bearing evergreen trees or shrubs. These include some of America’s favorite fruits, like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. Citrus essential oils come from the peel or the rind of the fresh fruits.

Whereas citronella oil comes from some species of the “Cymbopogon” grasses. It does smell citrusy too — its name is actually from a French term that means “lemon balm”. It has a floral aroma that, like citrus, can make you feel refreshed.

These oils’ refreshing scent is a good enough reason to use them for your summer blends.

That’s only one reason though — another is because they can repel pests. Researchers found that citrus oils are 100% effective against some species of mosquitoes. Studies also confirm that citronella is excitorepellent, so they also drive off insects.

Not sure how many drops to add to your blends or to use in your diffuser?

2. Eucalyptus Oil Blends

Winter and spring both get a bad rap when it comes to allergy triggers. The thing is, summer can also affect many of the 74 million Americans with allergies and asthma. In fact, health experts say that summer allergies can just be as bad and severe!

That said, some of the best essential oil mixes for summer are those made from eucalyptus oil. It’s a decongestant, helping ease inflamed airways and runny noses. Inhaling its aroma can also help prevent asthma or allergy attacks from worsening.

What’s even better is that eucalyptus essential oil has herbaceous undertones. These scents mix well with other fragrances, such as tea tree, citrus, chamomile, and pine. You can even mix it with cedarwood, ginger, thyme, or even rosemary!

3. Lavender Oil Blends

Light and temperature — these are the two main factors that make it harder to fall asleep during summer. In the summer, we get more amounts of and prolonged exposure to sunlight. There’s also the higher average temperatures, which in most US states, run in the high 60s to the high 70s.

Light affects the sleeping process by interfering with the hormone known as “melatonin”. Melatonin is what makes you sleepy, but exposure to light reduces the amount of this hormone in the body.

As such, more light (and longer exposures to it) equates to less melatonin. Whereas less melatonin equates to longer waking hours.

In addition, the body’s ideal sleeping temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. During summer though, temperatures can go up to 70s or even higher, so you may find it harder to fall asleep.

That said, you should keep your bedroom’s temperature at 65 F to make it more sleep-inducive. Use blackout curtains or blinds too, to keep sunlight from streaming in. This is also the best time to diffuse lavender essential oil, which has sedative effects.

Lavender’s main compounds — linalool and linalyl acetate — also have anti-anxiety effects. In this way, making your room smell of lavender can help calm and relax you too. That’s a great way to prep yourself for a better night of sleep.

Lavender’s mild aroma also makes it a great base for your summer oil blends. It pairs well with other relaxing oils like rose, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and jasmine.

4. Rosemary Oil Blends

Winter makes us feel sleepy earlier, but summer makes us feel tired faster. This is because the body works harder to keep us cool and avoid overheating. With that extra burden, it won’t take long for you to feel sluggish (and more often) during this season.

Keeping yourself hydrated is important, but you should also diffuse rosemary oil blends. Rosemary essential oils have rejuvenating and even cortisol-reducing properties! Meaning, they not only help boost your energy — they also help lower your stress levels.

Moreover, researchers found that rosemary may help boost brain performance. These include potential improvements in cognitive performance, such as speed and accuracy.

Rosemary essential oils work great with citrus-based oils like lemon, orange, and lime. Since citrus also has a refreshing effect, then mixing the two may perk you up even more.

As a bonus, the smell of diffused rosemary oil can help repel pesky bugs like flies and mosquitoes. This can then help you focus even more at work since you don’t have to keep swatting away at bugs. This also makes it a great partner for citronella-based essential oils.

Diffuse the Heat of Summer With These Essential Oil Blends

There you have it, some of the best essential oil blends to help you get through summer! We chose these ones not only for their pleasant scents but also because of their health benefits. Best of all, they partner really well with other scents, so you can mix and match based on the effects want.

So, what are you waiting for? Stock up on these essential oils so you can beat and even enjoy the summer heat!

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