Can Chinese Proverbs be Useful as Teaching Tools?

As homeschooling continues to grow in popularity, parents and educators are constantly seeking new and effective teaching tools to engage and educate their children. If you’re looking to teach your kids something beneficial to them, you may want to turn to Chinese proverbs, especially if your curriculum involves a foreign language like … Read more

How can you incorporate gardening into your home school curriculum?

Introduction Homeschooling has been a popular choice for many families as they try to make sense of the constantly shifting educational landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While homeschooling has its obstacles, it also gives you the chance to customize your child’s education and include a wide range of fun … Read more

Top 7 Benefits of Using Printables When Homeschooling Your Kids

The concept of homeschooling has existed for a very long time, solely because some parents are more comfortable to hand-pick a curriculum that meets their’s child’s needs and is in sync with the family’s overall goals. For some families, having the flexibility to monitor and assess their children’s learning programs is more … Read more

Best Online Learning Games for Kids

Nowadays, most kids will want a tablet to play games or watch videos of cartoons or animations that they immensely love.  However, you may be seeking apps that will keep learning and growing their skills till they hire someone to write college essay when adults and there are various options to choose. … Read more

Best Montessori Toys For Better Development of Children

You may have heard or read about Montessori may be in your Instagram feed or on your favorite Montessori parenting website. Either way, you must have noticed the increasing popularity of Montessori education. The philosophy of Montessori education was developed by Maria Montessori, who was an Italian physician. Montessori’s philosophy focuses on … Read more

Using Pinterest for Homeschooling Ideas

Homeschooling is one of the most effective methods of teaching children in various subjects in education. The number of homeschooled children is rising over the years due to the fact that this system allows the teacher or the tutor to get hands-on in teaching a child since most homeschooling sessions are conducted … Read more

How to Teach Academic Writing in Your Homeschool

Academic writing is a necessary part of any educational process. It doesn’t matter which school we are talking about: public, private or homeschool. However, it may be more challenging for homeschool teachers to teach academic writing, as it is a rather formal aspect of education. We gathered several tips borrowed from professional … Read more

Homeschooling Children – Homeschooling and Socialization

Many people are intrigued by homeschooling. The thought of freedom from a rigid school structure, the focus on your kid’s strength and weaknesses and upholding specific values is an attractive one. Homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular among families who want a more personalized and flexible approach to education. This has become a … Read more

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