Can You Get Internet On A Houseboat?

In today’s world, almost everyone needs the internet, as its absence prevents people from accomplishing some most important tasks. Having an internet connection with you wherever you go is very crucial. 

Many are wondering, is there internet on houseboats? Although not all houseboats have Internet access at this time, they all can have one. When docked, you can utilize satellite, phone providers, or landlines to connect to the internet on a houseboat.

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While aboard your houseboat, you have several different alternatives for getting houseboat internet service. Many marinas provide either direct internet connectivity at your dock or wireless WiFi 802.11 technology. 

If you’re considering a houseboat getaway or looking to buy one, besides determining the best places to live on a houseboat, knowing whether or not the boat will have Internet access is crucial to your overall planning. Below are some options you may use to acquire an internet connection in your houseboats. 


Cable Internet

One alternative you may use for your houseboat is cable internet. Cable usually has faster speeds and uses coaxial cable lines, just as cable television. Although it is usually a more reliable alternative, cable internet companies are typically more costly than DSL providers.

Cox, Mediacom, and some other smaller cable internet companies are among the most popular.

Phone Line

DSL, commonly known as a “phone line,” stands for digital subscriber line. It is the method of transmitting digital data or the internet via phone lines. CenturyLink, Windstream, Frontier, and AT&T are just a few companies that employ this type of internet. 

The biggest disadvantage of these services and nearly most internet that utilizes DSL is that it has significantly more outages than cable internet and can be inconsistent at times.

Using DSL, cable, or no hardwired internet at all is ultimately determined by the marina where you dock. Some marinas provide hardwired internet to your houseboat, while some have WiFi that you can access, and yet others offer no internet connectivity at all.

Regarding acquiring hardwired internet on your yacht, you’re entirely reliant on the marina where you dock. You must select whether or not you want to use the services they provide, or you may not have that alternative to do so. 

WiFi Access

Wireless WiFi connection is quite widespread these days. It comprises a wired Access Point at the marina where your houseboat docks that re-transmits internet signal via wireless technology. Wireless Cards are already installed in most of the laptops presently. However, if not, you may have an external card added. 

Satellite Internet

This internet is widely used for households in the middle of nowhere that cannot acquire standard internet. A dish similar to that of Directv usually comes with satellite internet to access the internet connection.

Satellite dish allows you to access the internet at any time while aboard your houseboat, avoiding the need to rely on your marina or go without an internet connection while sailing.

In the satellite internet market, there are now two significant companies, Viasat and HughesNet. If you opt for satellite internet, note that satellite internet is significantly more expensive than the above-mentioned wired choices. 

Cell Phone Internet

Cell phone networks have evolved and developed considerably with technological advancements. Before, cell phones were only a tedious means to send messages and pictures to other people. Still, now it permits us to easily access the internet from nearly anywhere using the technology we hold everywhere.

Most cell phones nowadays have internet hotspots, and if you have cell service where you’re sailing, it can be an excellent way to access your laptop or tablet and read emails, surf the web, and so on. When it comes to streaming Television shows or films, utilizing your phone as a hotspot is probably not a brilliant option.

Note that you’ll need a mobile hotspot if you plan on doing a lot of browsing. A mobile hotspot permits you to use your phone operator to connect to the internet on a houseboat, and they often have fast rates.


If you opt for a cell phone internet, you should remember two concerns regarding the mobile hotspot. They have data constraints, for starters. There are monthly limits on each hotspot, regardless of whatever carrier you choose. The second problem is that you must have a phone signal to access the internet and utilize these services. If your boat is traveling far from the marina, you won’t be able to get a decent phone signal from anybody else.

Cellular Plans

Many phone brands and cell services are now offering data plans. Blackberry phones, Smartphones, iPhones, PocketPCs, and Palms are some of the most popular 3G wireless data cell lines and technology for excellent mobile Internet access.

But before acquiring their services, contact the cell carrier for additional information regarding the data availability, speed, and data plans. Also, never forget to inquire about the coverage areas of your cell plan and how much they would cost you.