Best romantic chinese dramas for rom-com lovers

Are you a movies person or a drama person? If you are a drama person, we are sure you must enjoy romantic comedies the most. Our poll results have indicated that rom-com chinese dramas are the most watched ones and here at, you can enjoy the best of romantic Chinese dramas.

What are the categories of Chinese dramas? 

Chinese dramas have gained so much popularity for almost the last 6 or 7 years. The rise in the fandom of Chinese dramas is not astonishing at all because this is all for the right reasons. Chinese dramas are not limited to just one genre, rather different categories of Chinese dramas have been made. These include comedy, romance, drama, action, thriller, and mystery.

Everybody has their taste in dramas. Some prefer watching comedy while some prefer watching fiction, this depends on the person.

Why rom-com is the favorite category of most people?

People are so much obsessing with Chinese dramas that they watch one season overnight. This is the obsession of Chinese dramas and it is because of valid reasons. But, our research report indicated that out of all genera, rom-com are the favorite of more than average people in Chinese dramas.

Some of the reasons why romcom is the most favorite category of people are:

  • People want to make their spare time the most enjoyable and full of fun. Romcom is a pure source of entertainment and makes you stress-free. One can spend multiple hours watching romcoms and will not get bored of them that is the magic of romantic comedies.
  • The plots and twists are not complex in romantic comedies but are extremely simple. Their focus is more on the comedy and love side and not on the actions and dramas.
  • One more thing that makes romantic comedies watchable is the little cute moments. This is not just about the romance, but also the love.

Best romantic Chinese dramas of all time

Well, we have made our list of the best Chinese dramas that are full of comedy and romance. In general, the list is so long but we have curated the best of all for you with a little description of each. These are:

The fox’s summer 

There is a cute and romantic love relationship shown between the male and female lead in this series. The light-hearted comedy gives life to this drama.

Diamond lover

This series revolves around the story of a girl who is kind of under confident about her weight and appearance and later grooms herself when the CEO of a company falls in love with her. However, the ending is something unexpected to what we want but it is good enough to fall in love with the storyline.

Lost love in times

This is not a typical love story of a prince and a witch but it has a lot of interesting plots in it. This series will bring out your emotions and it is a highly recommended one from our side.


The rate at which people’s craze about chinese dramas is increasing is crazy. People are going gaga over the C-dramas and the credit for this goes to the amazing content we get to see in Chinese dramas. To enjoy your favorite C-drama, tune into