Best Ideas To Deal With Lockdown Boredom on the Weekends

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that the surplus of free time isn’t as dreamy as we’d imagine it to be. With everything being practically shut down, it might seem like we’re forever confined to the boredom of our own four walls, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Maybe it’s time you discover new activities and ideas you can try out, to make your weekends the best ones you ever had!

We prepared a list of ideas to make our weekends much more bearable at home, and we can’t promise you’ll ever want to go out again if you start trying them out!

Make it a movie night

Lockdown gave us a perfect excuse to prepare some well-deserved snacks and enjoy them while watching our favorite TV shows! You can either rewatch movies from your childhood or find new ones, or discover the best tv shows of all time. You can make your weekend genuinely sensational!

Prepare your snacks, sink into the comfort of your sofa, and choose which show you’ll be watching tonight!

Discover your surroundings

Lockdown became the perfect opportunity to indulge in a stroll in the neighborhood. It’s the ideal moment to go on a walk around the areas you live in. Do you honestly know all the ins and outs of the site around you? With nowhere to go on the weekends, a calm walk with your family may be an excellent way to spend time. Get a glimpse of fresh air while discovering new areas.

According to studies, walking is one of the ways to maintain health. You need to stay physically active during a pandemic.

Start exercising

A workout is always a good idea. You shouldn’t look for excuses, especially now when you have all the time in the world. Regular physical exercise will not only help you build the perfect summer body, but it will also boost your mental health.

One of the worst things about being stuck at home is the way it affects your mental health. Maybe a workout is all you need to get your mind refreshed!

There’s a variety of different programs you can find online that will allow you to learn the techniques and keep you motivated. So maybe now’s the best time to get a fitness mat and start a healthy routine.


If you want to kill your quarantine boredom, try out some fun DIY activities. Those can range from more straightforward projects such as designing a birdhouse to more complex ones, such as a well-deserved room makeover. If you’ve ever wanted to test out your art skills, now it’s time to give it a shot. It is not only a great way to spend your weekend and indulge in a creative project, but it’s also a way to learn new skills alongside it.

So whether it’s sewing or woodwork that you’re more inclined to try, you can rest assured that creating something from nothing will fill out your time in the most creative way possible.

Learn how to bake

Have you ever wanted to acquire baking skills and be able to make your favorite cookies?

Well, maybe quarantine is the perfect excuse to work on it and finally succeed as a baker!

Baking is not only an excellent way to bypass some extra time you may have on your hands, but it can also be a skill you’ll be able to boast about in the future.

If you haven’t yet, equip yourself with all the essential ingredients, you’ll need for baking and start your journey. You can find various recipes from master bakers online that will make you want to spend every evening in the kitchen! You may just find out soon that baking is an activity that makes your weekends at home much more enjoyable than if you’d be out and about.

The bottom line

Being stuck at home can be a very overwhelming experience for some; that’s why it’s essential to keep yourself busy and not let the extra time affect your mental health. You can now try a lot of new things and discover that maybe another weekend at home isn’t so bad after all!

Remember that you can make the best out of the worst situation. Make a list of activities you want to try and live your life to the fullest during this difficult time.