Amazing Reasons Why You Should be Drinking Tea

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the whole world. Tea is not only consumed for its incredible taste, but it also has numerous other benefits. Various scientific studies have been researching the possible healthy aspects of tea and it has been established that drinking tea comes with a whole lot of advantages to our health including preventing some serious ailments like obesity, cancer, and dehydration.

Certain studies indicate that taking 3 or more cups of tea daily is more beneficial than consuming water at the same rate. Tea contains antioxidants that boost human health and hydrates the body at the same time. Further to the benefits backed by science, here is more of what you gain from drinking tea and you can as well see website for more.

Get Your Body Hydrated

Even though water is the main fluid that hydrates the body after an intense exercise session or a tiresome working day, some researchers opine that drinking tea could offer the same benefits. Even though it is laden with caffeine, it is still incredible for hydration with its richness in flavor and water source.

Minimize the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Drinking tea potentially improves your body’s blood flow by widening major arteries and minimizing the chances of blood clots. Tea also has antioxidants that potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Helps in Weight Loss and Curbing Obesity

Various researches have indicated that drinking tea regularly can help in reducing body fat by speeding up metabolism and burning calories. Additionally, teas like green tea and other dietary tea are believed to have a tremendous impact on weight loss. Moreover, tea is less fattening than most soft drinks.

Prevents Tooth Decay

It may sound astonishing but well, drinking tea regularly can greatly strengthen our teeth and reduce the chances of tooth decay. Tea contains fluoride which bolsters tooth enamel as well as other antioxidants that counter attack bacteria in teeth and gum diseases.

Fighting Cancer

Some studies have linked drinking tea to increasing the chances of preventing cancer. Even though more research is ongoing, reports suggest that moth, breast, and prostate cancer cases are fewer among regular tea drinkers.

Tea Boosts Your Memory

Several studies have indicated that some kinds of tea like green tea can enhance the brain’s memory cells and prevent you from developing dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease. Tea is therefore very essential for the elderly.

Types of Healthy Tea

As you have already seen, tea has numerous health benefits and you probably are thinking of putting your kettle on. However, there are several types of tea and it is essential that you know which one is more beneficial to you. Below are some tea types and their benefits.

Black tea – black tea is an amazing type of tea that offers numerous antioxidants and prevents viral diseases in the mouth and gum disease as well. It also widens impaired arteries and prevents blood clots.

Green tea – to add to the several benefits outlined above, green tea has been established to enhance the liver’s performance and strengthening bones to prevent arthritis. However, to gain the full benefits of green tea, you should brew loose leaves instead of the teabag. This way, you enhance the flavor and get more antioxidants released into your drink

Oolong tea – this is a Chinese tea that is believed to be ideal for burning calories and boosting the human immune system. It also tastes better than green tea and more suitable for people who can’t stand the former.