9 Fun Things You Can Try When Traveling Through Arizona

Tourism in Arizona fell during the pandemic, as foreign visitors were not able to get into the country. Since the lockdowns have ended and international travel has resumed, however, Arizona is receiving millions of people a year; most come to see the state’s incredible national parks and rock formations, but some come for the food. As Arizona has strong indigenous communities and borders Mexico to the south, the food there is amazing.

If you are interested in visiting then you need to do as much research as you can so you can fit in everything there is that’s worth doing. Here are nine things to consider:

Getting High

In Arizona, as in many other American states, Cannabis has been legalised for recreational use. The state’s lax attitude to the drug means travellers can enjoy it without fearing punishment. The best places to turn in the entire state are Phoenix’s marijuana dispensaries, as they tend to have the vastest product catalogues. The only restriction on using the drug is smoking in public, which is forbidden for other people’s convenience and comfort.

Going Hiking

Hiking is a popular American pastime. When you consider the nation’s vast expanses of wilderness, forest, and desert it’s not hard to see why. Arizona has some of the largest parks in the entire country as well as some pretty incredible rock formations. If you are somebody who’s interested in the great outdoors then you will enjoy going hiking in Arizona. As the weather in Arizona can be pretty inhospitable during the summer it is important to bring lots of water with you. Stay out of the sun when it is at its highest so you do not burn.

Trying Fishing

Fishing is a good way of getting outdoors on the water, and having fun. While the state is landlocked there are lots of creeks, rivers, and lakes for you to fish at. You may need a permit to fish on commercial lakes. If you are travelling with friends or family then this is a great activity. Depending on what you catch you could even cook and eat it beside the spot where you are fishing at. Before fishing verify the location you are fishing at does not require a permit, as again, some commercial lakes do.

Hunting Experience

Fishing is not the only animal-related activity you can try, hunting’s also worth considering. As with other U.S. states you are only allowed to hunt during specific times of the year. As there are large Native American reservations in Arizona, it is important that you do not accidentally wander onto them and start hunting. If you are caught hunting on a reservation you can get into a lot of trouble. Only authorised individuals are allowed to hunt or even step foot on indigenous reservations. Fines and arrests are the most likely outcomes of hunting on private land, without the owner’s permission.

Indigenous History

As mentioned in the previous section, there are indigenous reservations in Arizona. This is because the state, like many others, has a lot of indigenous history. There are actually over 22 tribes there, including the Navajos, a popular and famous tribe. There are a number of museums dedicated to the state’s indigenous residents, as well as some points of interest. You are not allowed to enter reservations without the resident tribe’s permission, however, in recent years, some tribes have opened their borders up to tourists interested in experiencing the indigenous way of life. Get permission or written approval before venturing onto a reservation.


Visiting Mexico

Mexico is located to Arizona’s south. If you have time then why not travel there? It is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations for a reason. It does need to be noted however, crime in the part of Mexico that borders Arizona has been skyrocketing over the last few years. If you are planning on visiting then make sure you do your research and ensure it is safe for you to do so. Do not just turn up without researching the safety and logistics of travelling there first. You do not usually need a visa to get in if you are an American citizen.

Urban Exploration

A lot of people only visit the state to check out its national parks and vast natural landscapes, however, there’s a lot more on offer than just them. Some of the state’s cities are beautifully designed, featuring Spanish-style colonial architecture. If you are intending on visiting then it is a good idea to do your research first and find affordable accommodation. As Arizona’s cities are bustling business hubs, finding affordable lodgings can be difficult. Airbnb is probably the best platform to turn to, as you can find affordable homestays there.

Local Cuisine

As referenced earlier on, the state’s cuisine is incredible. It is a fusion of Mexican, European, and indigenous food. If you are interested in trying it out then it is strongly recommended by experts that you go to cafés catering to locals rather than large restaurants designed for tourists. This is because local cafés are more likely to serve authentic Arizonan cuisine, not to mention they will be a lot more affordable.  Money is tight for a lot of people right now, so going to cafés catering to locals is a much better way of getting good deals, saving money, and sampling authentic food.

Motorbike Rental

As the state has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire country, it should come as no surprise to learn that it’s one of the best places to ride a motorbike in the United States. Arizona’s highways are used by hundreds of thousands of tourists and travellers each year, just so they can get a view of the immense natural beauty that envelopes them. Renting a motorbike and taking a tour through Arizona could be a great way of getting outdoors and seeing everything the state has to offer.

If you are looking for somewhere fun to go on vacation, then why not consider Arizona? The state has a lot on offer, as this post shows. No matter what you are interested in there is something there waiting for you.