8 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip A Home Inspection

The process of buying or selling a house is often a massive undertaking. There is so much you need to do to ensure that the house is in the best shape possible.

There are many costs to account for as well, which might make you skimp out on a few things. One thing that should always be done whether buying or selling a house is an inspection by a qualified inspector.

The following are eight reasons why you should never skip a home inspection:


Safety is paramount to the inhabitant of home and countless things can negatively affect your safety. If you want to live in a home in which you feel safe, you should never skip a home inspection.

You should ensure that your house is tested for things such as mold, gas leaks, and electrical failures, all of which can significantly impede your safety. Your contract for purchasing the home should include an option to cancel the purchase if you feel that it is not safe.  Be sure to check out onpointinspect.com as a great option.

Illegal Additions and Modifications

All homeowners modify their homes in one way or another. However, not all additions or modifications done are legal as you need permits to make certain changes to a house.

A home inspection will reveal all the additions and modifications made to the house. You can then see which ones are legal and permitted and which ones are not.

Such additions and modifications will affect many aspects of the home buying process, including taxes, insurance, and the overall value. Even new homes can have modifications that are not code adherent.

Ensure Repairs are Done

The purpose of a home inspection is to reveal as much information about the property as possible. The condition of the house and its systems is paramount to establishing the value of the house.

If you are not satisfied with the property after the inspection, there are several routes of action. The folks at www.repairpricer.com advise that you call a professional to give you a quotation for the repairs. You can have the current owners do the repairs or turn down the property.

Estimate Future Costs

You can tell much about a house from a home inspection, including what the house will cost you in the future. It is a tragedy when the maintenance costs of a property surpass the purchase price.

Based on the findings of the home inspection as it pertains to elements like plumbing, electricity, and HVAC systems, you can have a vague picture of how much the house will cost you going forward. You can then decide whether the purchase is worth it or not.

Learn How to Protect Your Home

A home inspection can be a very valuable learning tool since it will reveal so much. A knowledgeable home inspector and a curious home buyer can discuss a lot about the property.  Be sure to consider help like building inspections launceston and others for help.

You can hence get priceless advice on how to protect various aspects of your house. Your education should not end there as you should be constantly finding ways to protect your home against all threats.

Find Deal Breakers

A home inspection can be seen as a process of finding deal-breakers when seen from a different point of view. Many people fall in love with properties at first sight, and a home inspection is a way to bring them down to earth.

It will certainly reveal which parts of the house you are willing to accept and those you cannot stand. Depending on your evaluation, you can find solid grounds to refuse the deal at hand.

Seeing the Big Picture

Many people buy a house because of a single factor such as a great backyard, a swimming pool, or its size. However, there is much more to buying a house and you need to see the big picture.

A home inspection will definitely give you a big picture of the investment you are about to make. Only after seeing the big picture can you make an accurate assessment of the property and not regret your investment.

Seeing the Big Picture

It is a Solid Negotiating Tool

If nothing else, a home inspection is solid grounds for negotiation. All the little negative details about the property will be revealed, and you can use it to ask for a lower price.

If the current homeowners are not willing to make the necessary repairs, then they should be willing to take a large slice off the top. All the revealed details are bargaining chips you can expertly use.

All the eight reasons above should be enough to prove that you should never skip a home inspection. Doing so will have devastating consequences and can cost you a lot of money. Trust me, it is worth going through the trouble.