8 Creative ways to use pies

Pies are the ultimate comfort food – warm, sweet, and delectable. But did you know there’s so much more to pies than just eating them? Whether savory or sweet, pies can be used in all kinds of creative ways that will surprise and delight your friends, family, and guests.

From using pie crust as an edible bowl to create a stunning fruit display at your next party or holiday gathering to adding a new twist on traditional desserts with easy-to-make mini pies, we have eight creative ideas for how you can use those delicious pies in unique ways.

So keep reading to get inspired by these fun recipes.

Pie crust bowls

Pie crust bowls are a brilliant tool for creative expression in the kitchen. They not only make for an eye-catching and colorful presentation, but they also can shift expectations and stand in as a vessel for any delicious experience. From classic apple pie to roasted root vegetables, rich grains like quinoa, or even breakfast scrambles – these artfully crafted vessels can bring flavors that your friends and family will remember forever.

Decorative pies

Decorative pies have come back in recent years and certainly add a creative twist to the traditional baking experience. For example, pies can be decorated with intricate designs like lattices made of dough, or you can use other ingredients to make unique shapes that bring different textures and flavors to the final product.

Even recipes tailored explicitly for decorative pies with unique flavor profiles play off their ornate decoration as part of the dish. Creative desserts are becoming increasingly popular in the culinary world, and decorative pies exemplify this development.

Pie crust cutouts

Pies are classic desserts that have been around for centuries, but today, with creative recipes all over the internet, you don’t need to stick with traditional pie recipes. One exciting way to use pies is through pie crust cutouts. Pie crust cutouts involve making a savory dough from scratch or store-bought pastry dough and cutting it into various shapes and sizes. The cutouts can then be cooked in an aromatically seasoned oil until golden brown and crispy.

They make excellent garnishes for salads, soups, and even main dishes – adding an elegant touch to any meal. Furthermore, these croutons are customizable and easily adapted to each family’s tastes; you can use different herbs, spices, and seasonings to craft the perfect flavor profile.

Miniature pies

Turning pies into miniature works of art can add a delightful dimension to meals and desserts. Miniature pies are a great way to surprise guests with an adorable serving size and can be made with many different flavors and styles. A simple twist on tradition is baking tiny meringue-topped lemon pies or mini apple galettes with crumbly crusts.

For the more ambitious baker, intricate designs like latticework or flower lattices with delicate cream rosettes also make for unforgettable individual servings. Whether making unique treats for special occasions or putting a whimsy spin on your daily cuisine, miniature pies are sure to make any meal extraordinary.

Savory pies

Savory pies offer a unique opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Not only can you experiment with different flavor combinations in the filling, but remember the crust too. Everything from swapping traditional pastry for a puff pastry or even using crunchy toppings such as nacho chips or pretzels as a finishing touch on your beef and kidney pie can add an extra kick of flavor, texture, and visual appeal.

Don’t be afraid to play with fusing different cuisines—how about a Mexican-inspired chicken and cheese pie? Or let ingenuity be the order of the day—think chorizo pancetta quiche tartlets. Enjoy pie like never before by pushing that creative envelope today.

No-bake pies

Pies are a classic dessert dish that can be used in many ways. One creative way to use pies is to make no-bake pies, which require minimal preparation time and effort. No-bake pies can utilize all ingredients to create a rich and rewarding treat for family or friends. There are countless recipes for no-bake pie filling types, from Jell-O to peanut butter, making them accessible and customizable to any taste.

Pie milkshakes

For those craving an inventive and indulgent treat, try pie milkshakes. This delightful twist on pies and milkshakes is the perfect reward for a day of hard work. To make it, blend your favorite piece of pie with any type of ice cream, and then add a scoop or two of the same kind of pie. Top it off with whipped cream, and you have a great beverage that will satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth. For an extra unique experience, serve your milkshake in a takeaway cup so your friends can enjoy it too.

Pie baking contest

Baking a pie is no easy task, yet it can bring beautiful rewards. Recently, a novel idea has been brought to light in the form of pie-baking contests. It is an event where crafters, bakers, and chefs get together to offer up their most creative, unique, and delicious pies for taste-testing and evaluation by a panel of expert judges.

With categories such as best use of seasonal flavors or traditional curio pies, these competitions are sure to showcase both the products of refined culinary skills and someone’s unique spin on classic recipes. Not only this, but they also represent an exciting way to engage with the broader community through desserts – something everybody loves.

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