8 Best Ways to Monetize Your Car

So, you bought a new car and you want to earn something from it. Sounds interesting! However, do you know how to do it? I think you have no idea.

You’ll be surprised to find out that you can earn cash by simply using your car. That’s you know the right leverage. Let’s find out 8 ways to monetize your car!


Carpooling is a basic means of earning money using your car. It works by having an agreement with a group of people to take them to their daily destination. In exchange, you get paid for your service. Carpooling is common in sending kids to school and taking them home.

Carpooling has its advantages. It saves your time by having a fixed schedule in doing your job. All you need is a set of wheels and a list of customers. It’s a good way of killing boredom if you have nothing to do at home. In addition, you get to earn extra cash.

Pet Grooming

Using your car for transportation services is common. However, using it to take pets for grooming is what makes it unusual. You’ve read it right, you can earn money by simply taking other people’s pets into a pet shop for grooming. Some owners are busy and find it difficult to bring their pets for grooming.

As such, offering your services to bring other people’s pets to grooming is very handy. They would be glad to avail your services. Just make a list of possible customers. To your surprise, you’ll be earning cash by simply driving around town with animals.


If you’re an avid car enthusiast, making a blog about your car is the right thing for you! Yes, you’ll be able to earn money by simply posting videos about your car. For instance, you can discuss tutorials on how to know DIY repair and maintenance. You can also talk about a car mold design that will help with car aesthetics.

By doing so, you’ll become popular and get paid by inserting ads for every blog that you make. In addition, car parts manufacturers will ask for your services to make a review. Using models from vehicle mirror manufacturers as your medium of comparison is an example.

Food Delivery

Food delivery is a common means of earning money using your car. All you need to do is get yourself affiliated with a food delivery platform. Once a customer makes an order, you’ll just have to pick it up and deliver it to the designated location. Don’t worry about looking for the address because it’s already programmed on your device’s map.

It doesn’t take that much to be on the food delivery service. It’s kinda fun. You get to go to many places while at the same time earning. It’s a good way of being productive while strolling around town. All you need is a car and wait for that call.

Airport Service

With people’s hectic schedules, a good means of earning money using your car is doing airport service. It’s as easy as bringing people into the airport or picking them up and vice versa. You don’t need to be living near the airport. What’s important is that people are willing to pay reasonable cash for a lift.

Since it’s a hassle when bringing a car to the airport, a good way to get there is through paid transportation. You won’t have to worry about parking fees if you’ll be out of town for a long time. Hence, the market for airport service is open for you to take.

Driving Instructor

This doesn’t mean getting a license as a driving instructor. In some states, it’s okay to drive a car with a licensed adult for some time. It’s a great opportunity to teach aspiring drivers about the basics of driving. All you have to do is sit and guide them about basic driving skills.

Other parents are so hooked up with their schedule that they won’t have time to teach their children how to drive. This is the perfect chance of grabbing the opportunity to apply as a driving instructor. As long as you teach your students the fundamentals of driving, you’re good to go.

Bridal Car

If you have a good-looking set of wheels, offering bridal car services would be great. A wedding only takes a day over a lifetime. People are willing to pay hefty cash just to be in that perfect car. Offering bridal car services makes you a lot of money.

All you have to do is advertise that shiny car of yours and line up customers. Be a chauffeur for that happiest woman in the world. You’re earning while at the same time making people happy. What a great time to earn something while driving!

Car Show

Last but not the least, this might be the most competitive way of earning cash with your wheels. While others are busy running car rental services, joining a car show takes you to a whole new level. It’s a display of investment while earning cash!

The only thing you need to do is transform your car into its best possible display and join a car show. You get paid lots of money and earn certificates and trophies while joining events.


There are a lot of ways on how to monetize your car. It doesn’t take that much to earn something for a living, just grab any opportunity that knocks on your door. Make use of any available resources.

By following some tips on how to earn cash using your car, you’ll make yourself productive. Instead of paying bills for car maintenance and insurance, why not make your car pay for itself? Not a bad way of investment, right? Grab that chance and have fun.