6 Fun and Clever Ways to Teach Your Kids Geography

Do you want to raise accepting and culturally aware children? Geography is the key! You must be thinking, “what does locating Zimbabwe on the map have to do with being a better person?” The answer, simply put, is that when you introduce your children to different countries in the world and educate them on world history, civilizations, traditions, and cultures, you increase your children’s sense of tolerance towards people.

As parents normally put their main focus on subjects like English and Maths, Geography can get a bit mundane as well as left out. However, we can help you spice things up with 6 fun and clever ways to teach your kids geography!

What’s the Background Story?

Expand your child’s horizons with story-telling. Look for multicultural bedtime stories, and you would be amazed by how Cinderella is different in each country! Introducing your kids to folktales around the world and having them read culturally diverse books will grow their sense of awareness and acceptance. We also know that every child idolizes some character; whether it is a historical figure that changed the world or a cool celebrity that starred in their favorite movie or TV show. So, use the internet to sneak some interesting facts about the origins of your children’s favorite heroes and heroines. This way not only will they elevate their knowledge but also deepen tolerance and empathy for different ethnicities and cultures.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

Hanging a world map in your child’s bedroom is not only for decoration but also for keeping them familiar with the geography of the world. As your child inevitably glances at the world map every day, they will subconsciously know more about world countries and their locations. You can also print out the maps yourself at OneStopMap.com where you can find different continent and country-specific maps. Besides, you can get a globe and put it on your child’s desk for the same purpose.

Hungry for Geography?

Who doesn’t love food! This is a golden opportunity for you to bond with your children over a scrumptious meal as you subtly Incorporate geography into the process. Try cooking an exquisite authentic dish every week and pull up some fun facts about the roots behind that delicious recipe. Hence, you will familiarize your children with food culture around the world and have a full tummy!


This one is a no-brainer; you can easily stimulate your kid’s memory with puzzles. There are different types of geography-related puzzles you can purchase online or find in nearby stationery. Look for interesting facts about different countries and tell them to your kids as you help them put up the puzzles together. Moreover, flashcards are your best friend; you can use them to help your kids learn country flags and famous world sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Great Pyramids! Explore fun games and activities to do with your kids in their leisure time. You can get many creative ideas from the internet with just a few clicks.

The World Is Your Oyster!

Try to take your children on field trips as much as you can, and when affordable, go crazy and travel somewhere! Sightseeing is such a vivid experience to enhance your child’s geographical senses. Not only will it be such an exotic adventure, but also an educational one. Not to mention that traveling and making friends from various places across the globe is a great motivation for learning different languages.

It’s Party Time!

Don’t be afraid to celebrate festivals and special occasions of different cultures. There’s a multitude of holidays to celebrate with your families, such as Diwali in India, Día de Los Muertos in Mexico and Latin-American countries, and the Chinese New Year. Enlighten your kids with the traditions and civilizations behind each unique holiday and teach them that diversity is beautiful, which in return will encourage them to respect and appreciate different cultures.

It’s Party Time!

Anything can be fun to learn in this day and age. It’s very manageable to incorporate fun activities to learn about anything at any given time and place. So, use technology and the internet in your favor, and you will do wonders with your kids. Geography will then be a piece of cake to teach to your children, and you might even end up learning things you never knew along the way! Learning time with your children shouldn’t feel tedious to you nor them, in fact, it can be a precious and joyous experience to bond over with your family.