6 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

There are tons of modern solutions that make the food that we choose to eat tasty while it is on the healthy and low-calory side. These days, there are brands that produce such food to help people maintain a weight-loss diet, reach their goals, and stay healthy ad happy!

Combining this revolutionary product with fresh food that brings a myriad of health benefits and all the nutrients you need helps you lose weight and maintain optimal health. We recommend that you implement Thinslim foods in your daily diet, meal alternatives that are super tasty, and support a healthy weight-loss diet. All these goodies are full of nutrients, while still being low in calories. So let’s take a look at the food menu you should implement to lose weight easily while staying healthy!

Food that will help you lose weight

While there is no holy grail of weight loss, some simple food alterations can do wonders. In the following, we’ll present to you some foods that can aid your weight loss journey, while working as great meals for your day.


Some time ago, eggs were feared by many. Diet coaches were praising egg whites while hating on the yolk for spiking the bad cholesterol levels. While this is true, you’d need to eat a good amount of eggs daily for the cholesterol to go that high. If you stick to eating a couple of eggs in the morning, you’re good to go.

Eggs are a great source of protein that will keep you full for longer, making them the perfect breakfast. You can do them any way you’d like, but to cut back on calories, stick to poached eggs and boiled ones. Have them with some toasted bread and half an avocado to get all the nutrients in one meal.


We don’t mean soups in general. There are some creamy soups out there so high in calories that you’ll be eating a whole day’s worth of them in only one meal. We’re talking about the low-calorie, simple soups that you didn’t like as a child. You can find them on your local market shelves, or if you feel creative and have a little bit of extra time on your hands, you can cook them from scratch.

There are tons of healthy soup recipes online, full of veggies prepared in a way that they don’t taste boring. You can add literally anything you want to them- carrots, broccoli, potato… eating soups will also hydrate you, so that’s a big plus.

Apple cider vinegar

If you like adding a little bit of flavour to your salads, then you’ve probably heard of this kind of vinegar. It has tons of benefits to it, aiding weight loss being one of them. For effectiveness, just add a little bit extra to your salad, for example, shredded cabbage. It will make the cabbage taste completely different and really good. Another plus is that this will keep you full for at least some time.

Apple cider vinegar is also linked with cholesterol. If your doctor expressed concerns about your cholesterol levels getting high, then try adding vinegar to your diet. Your doctor will be amazed at your next blood work to see how much has changed.

Chia seeds

We said that there is no holy grail in weight loss, but there is something close to it. Have you heard of all the benefits chia seeds offer? Helping with weight loss is only one of them. There are tons of different delicious recipes that can be made with them.

Chia seeds are full of fiber, and fibers, along with proteins are one of the nutrients that have the longest time of digestion. This makes them the best nutrients for weight loss, and every food on this list has at least one of them.


Fruit is a great way to silence your hunger throughout the day. It isn’t as nearly as effective as a well-balanced meal, but it can pass as a snack in between main dishes. Not every fruit is weight loss friendly. Some of them are high in sugar, so you need to be careful in order not to overeat them.

Having a cup of high-sugar fruit will not do any harm to your body. But, having a couple of them will make some changes in your blood sugar and in your weight scale. Take grapes for example. They are small but packed with carbohydrates, so one cup of them has plenty of it inside.


Despite modern studies, nuts aren’t as fattening as you may think. They may be, but only when you overeat them. A handful of nuts has nothing but benefits to it. They make a great snack, but you can also add them to your salads or soup to give some texture and extra flavor. They are your go-to snack at parties and events as most catering services include them on the menu. Even if there is no other healthy option on the table, you will stay full and avoid a bite that will ruin your diet and goals.

A handful of nuts has around 100 kcals, which isn’t a lot for a snack. In soups, you’ll be adding half the amount, so it won’t make any huge difference. Nuts are full of healthy fats and they can be really filling.