6 Common Pellet Stove Problem and Their Fixes!

Being able to use pellet stoves can be a very easy deal, but maintaining and repairing them is what matters most. We can’t always want positivity, right? Pellet stoves can be vastly important for us, but the problems users faced repairing them also can’t be underestimated. 

Marc Gilead, writer of Improvewarrior.com said that, yes, to be true, there are myriads of problems that we often have to use if you choose pellet stoves.  Reveal a handful of issues that users are facing every day. 

Seeing the problem won’t give us any solutions. But this article will surely give. Scroll through it and get fixations of the six most common hassles. 

6 Common Pellet Stove Problem and Their Fixes

Fixing these common, trickily-simple problems needs no expert finishing. We believe with the help of some straightforward guidelines you’ll too ace it.

So, without further ado, let’s start our journey.

Step 1: Big Flame

When you switched on your pellet stove, it shows a big, big flame. This is not even a problem, rather it is an extremely normal incident. Relax and wait for some minutes. You’ll see it decreasing bit by bit.

Step 2: Loud noises

Metallic noises are heard quite often, especially when your pellet stoves are old enough. This is not so much of a big deal. They will automatically stop as soon as the machine stops heating any more air. 

Step 3: Dirty Glass

Heating produces ashes which eventually darkens the glasses of the stoves. This doesn’t only look awfully dirty but also makes the machine less efficient. A pro tip from us should be to use high heating as it produces low ash. A simple cleaning of the glass also solves the issue. 

Step 4: Smoky fire

If you see smoky fire emerging from your stove, then it is a huge red flag. If so, check carefully for the boilers to make sure they are closed. Try reducing the flow rate until you see smoke vanishing. Besides this, brushing the ashes off is also a great idea.

Step 5: Inefficient fire

Not always the fire burns adequately; it may be insufficient sometimes. This is a real problem. To fix this up, reduce the feed rate of the fuel. Almost all the time this will be enough to solve this. If this method failed, clean the firebox and heat exchanger.

Step 6: More repairs

There are some more repairing problems like low-heat temperature switches, high-heat temperature switches, and pressure sensors. Simply replacing the switch would do the work. And for the pressure sensors, cleaning and replacing both works amazingly. 


This is all that you need to know. We are glad to help you with the 6 common pellet stove problems and their fixes. Next time, don’t forget to apply these hacks and become a master of pellet works. Good luck, buddy.