5 Simple Ways To Strengthen Hand Muscles and Improve Fine Motor Skills In Children

Children learn incredibly quickly. In fact, up to the age of six, a child will absorb literally everything that is going on around them. However, this doesn’t mean that every child will develop at the same speed. The speed at which they pick up and understand things depends on how their bodies develop. Every person is different and developing faster in some areas often means slower development elsewhere.

Monitoring this and making sure your child is developing within normal parameters can be difficult. That’s why many parents choose to use early learning centres such as this reputable Croydon early learning centre.

It makes it easier to track development and make adjustments to help your child develop normally. This is particularly important when it comes to hand strength and fine motor skills. If children struggle with these then they may find it difficult to do the simplest of tasks, such as holding a pencil. They are also likely to find it difficult to tie their own shoe laces.

The following five techniques can help to strengthen hand muscles and improve their fine motor skills. And check out the site if you are looking for the best cjc 1295 for sale.

1. Play Dough

For a child Play Dough or a similar putty is great fun. They get to pull it into strips, roll the strips up, try to create shapes and all sorts of other exciting things.

While they are doing this they are unwittingly improving their hand strength and fine motor skills.

This is one of the best ways for children to learn and improve as they are simply playing.

2. Rice play

Rice play means giving them a bowl of rice and a pair of tweezers. This is not for the very young but a 3 or 4-year-old should be happy doing this. All you have to do is move the rice from its bowl into an empty one using just the tweezers.

The aim is to race them with your own bowl of rice, making it fun while building strength and dexterity.

3. Water Play

Water play is always fun and it’s a great way to strengthen their hand muscles and fine motor skills. Simply give your child sponges and let them fill them with water and squeeze them out. Encourage them to try all the different sponges and report back.

4. Gardening

You are never too young to start gardening. A small child can be given a small trowel and fork to allow them to start digging in the soil. This is good for hand muscle strength.

you can also get them to put the seeds in the designated holes. This is small, detail work and requires excellent fine motor skills.

5. Drawing

Drawing is also a lot of fun and it doesn’t matter what they draw! Simply holding the pencil and changing crayons or even paintbrushes will allow their skills to improve. They will also be focusing on drawing something specific which means the brain, eyes, and hands need to cooperate.

The importance of fine motor skills

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The little muscles that control the hand, fingers, and thumb are referred to as having fine motor skills. These abilities enable a youngster to perform crucial tasks including writing, feeding themselves, buttoning, and zipping clothing.

Through practice and exposure to a range of toys, objects, and even foods, these skills steadily improve. By encouraging kids to play, explore, and engage with a range of objects, parents or other adults who are responsible for kids can aid in this process. 

Advantages of Teaching Children Fine Motor Skills

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  1. Increases a child’s independence and self-assurance- They may perform more fine motor skills on their own as they mature, develop a deeper understanding of how their bodies function, and develop stronger hands and fingers. As their independence increases, they also experience a gain in confidence. This results in things that you will be surprised that they can do already, like tying their shoe laces or brushing their teeth. 
  2. Encourages cognitive growth- The development of fine motor skills in young children may lead to better academic success. The development of a child’s fine motor skills is linked to the development of their cognitive ability, according to various studies.
  3. Makes hand-eye coordination better- People would be unable to carry out even the most basic tasks without the capacity to coordinate hand and eye motions. Because of this, it’s important for kids to develop hand-eye coordination.
  4. Aids kids in learning how to use tools- To utilize tools like scissors or writing equipment, or to operate tiny objects like buttons or zippers, children need to have fine motor abilities. Children’s ability to perform more fine motor tasks on their own as these abilities mature will support their continued cognitive and physical development.


A child with weak hands will struggle to do simple and everyday chores, which makes it impossible for them to complete even more challenging self-help jobs. The secret to increasing your child’s hand strength is to give them engaging and interesting activities. 

The most effective method for increasing overall strength is to engage in enjoyable and inspiring activities like playing. There are a lot of activities available. If you are having trouble, do your research to help you with that problem.