5 islands you should visit in Croatia

One of the best things about Croatia is its beautiful coastline. The waters are bright blue, and the shores offer a fantastic sight. There are approximately around 1246 islands waiting to be explored. All these Islands provide different experiences and are quite popular with foreigners which spend their vacations in many weekend houses all around these islands.  However, the majority of these islands can only be accessed by ferry or boat. Still thinking of which island you can visit in Croatia? Here is a list of several islands you can consider.


If you love nature, this is the place you can visit since there is a national park. The Island is very quiet and peaceful, and visits are only limited to day time. This is because the Island is scarcely populated. There are two saltwater lakes in the region and different species of rare wild animals.

The perfect time around the year to visit the Island is between April and October. Carry your picnic bag and take a walk around the empty paths. You can pay a visit to the two salty lakes, Malo Jezero and Veliko. You can hire a bike to tour the region as you watch blue water.


This is the home of Croatia’s famous beach – Zlatni Rat. To get to the Island, you can use a ferry from Split which takes you around 50 minutes. The Island has the highest peak in Croatia with isolated bays and pine-fringed beaches. The town has beautiful streets and romantic squares for couples.

May, June and also September are the best times that you can visit the Island. During this period the days are longer, and the waters are warm. You can visit the Zlatni Rat and enjoy the cool breeze as you wind up your day. There are different water sports that you can engage in during your visit. There are also towns you can visit like superstar and Bol.

3. VIS


The Island was used as a military base until 1983. It is far away from Croatia’s mainland and visitors were not allowed to visit the Island. The Island is less developed meaning it’s natural and that makes it a fantastic place anyone can visit. The Island is rarely explored hence the infrastructure is not yet upgraded.

The Island has fantastic beaches, and one of the outstanding features is the Blue Cave. The cave is near the Islet of Bisevo, and every day the sun rays reflect on the limestone walls giving a magnificent view. If you need to enjoy this view, it would be good to visit the Island before noon and during summer.

4. RAB

Rab is a small Island which covers approximately 36-square miles. It is located on the Northern side of Adriatic. The northern ridge of the Island has various hiking trails. They offer fantastic views which provide a panoramic sight of the neighbouring Island. While on the hills, you can see Mount Velebit chain which is on the mainland.

There are also cycling trails on Dundo Peninsula which are marked. Lopar Peninsula boasts of golden sand beaches and is on the North-Eastern side.



This is a luxurious town and a famous tourist point. There are different hotels which offer wellness packages and spas. There are a lot of quality features in the hotels found in this region. The Island has over 150 miles of walking trails. There are also trails for cyclists in the area. You can choose to climb Mount Osorsica which is around 1929-feet above sea level. From the top of the Island, you will be able to see Islands surrounding this particular Island.

Start with these 5 islands and see where it will lead you… I am sure you will be back for more.