5 Features to Consider When Getting a Custom Teeth Guard

Dental health is a crucial concern globally, with 26% of the US population suffering from tooth decay. About 46% of adults beyond 30 years portray signs of dental issues, including gum disease, which isn’t particularly encouraging news either.

Other signs of dental issues include teeth sensitivity, jaw pain and tension, and more. Night-grinding teeth can also lead to dental health issues or injury during sporting activities.

A custom teeth night guard can make all the difference regardless of your dental problem. A custom teeth guard is a thin, transparent device that users wear on their teeth surface even when sleeping. With a teeth guard, the bottom surface of your teeth cannot touch the top. It is crafted to perfectly fit between your bottom and top teeth, which helps enhance comfort.

If you consider a custom teeth guard, here are features to consider.

1. Level of Comfort

Comfort, when you wear a mouthguard, is paramount in determining whether you will use it consistently. Comfort comes from proper fit, which can only be obtained from a custom-made device made specifically for you.

Custom-made mouthguards are individually manufactured by taking an accurate, three-dimensional impression of your upper jaw, including the surface of your teeth and gums.

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2. Clarity

The ideal custom teeth guard should be as transparent as possible. Less expensive guards are made from a mould of your teeth, which can distort the finished product. Look for a transparent guard to allow you to read through it quickly. The more light passes through the guard, the more apparent it is likely to be.

3. Thickness

The thickness of your mouthguard is significant. You want just enough thickness to protect your teeth, but not so much that it hinders your ability to breathe and talk with the guard. A custom teeth guard is made specifically for your mouth and sport and will provide just the right amount of protection without impeding your performance.

4. The Material

A custom teeth guard will be made from a flexible material that is not only comfortable but also durable. It’s rinsable after use and will not warp or become damaged by being left in hot water or placed in your dishwasher.

5. Lifespan

You need a custom teeth guard that has a long lifespan. This will help save money and time eventually. Teeth guards are not cheap, and you want one that will last as long as possible, preferably for many years.

The lifespan of your custom teeth guard depends on how well you care for it. When not using your mouthguard, ensure it is stored in its case and away from direct sunlight. Always brush your teeth before inserting your mouthguard and rinse it with water after each use.

Want a Custom Teeth Guard?

Custom teeth guards offer enhanced protection because they are custom fit to your mouth. They also provide better protection because they can often be made thicker and sturdier than over-the-counter models.

Custom teeth guards also tend to fit more snugly in the mouth and stay in place better, making them less likely to come loose during sports activities.

If you experience jaw pain, grind or clench at night, consider getting a custom teeth guard today!