4 Must-Have Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is here and it’s already incredible. Fall is a favorite season for many people for a lot of good reasons. The gradual descent from the soaring temperatures of the summer is always a welcome change, and with it comes the wonder of the fall aesthetic. Forest transform from all manner of greens to varying vibrancies of yellow, orange, and red. The weather gets cooler, but it still doesn’t get too cold – and the festivities begin to populate every place you go. 

Whether it’s pumpkin patches, corn mazes, or Halloween attractions, fall is a time that brings a lot of aesthetic change to the world. With fall, also comes the changing of a person’s wardrobe. The summary is, light, breathable tops get replaced with wool and fleece, and your favorite jeans and leggings take the place of shorts and bikini bottoms.

Yes, it’s always sad to some degree to see all of the fun, cute things you love to wear in the summer go into storage, but it’s also always worth it. There’s something so rich about wearing your favorite sweater, or layering up clothing and not feeling incredible but looking incredible. The fall transition is a great time to go through your wardrobe, take inventory, and see what you need to get rid of and where you need to add. 

This fall, as you go through and make space in your closet for your favorite fall items, don’t just throw away any clothing that you may not want anymore. Instead, give it to a friend or loved one, or second-hand shop. This can help not only bless another person but is also good for the environment because you are recycling old clothing.

If you have been wanting to find ways of sprucing up your fall wardrobe this year, here are some core items you need to make sure that you have! 

1. Bring Out the Wool

Wool clothing is a luxury and for good reason. Organic wool is warm, insulating, and naturally soft. It’s hard to beat a pair of wool mitts or a wool scarf or sweater. This might not be something that you have on hand, but if you’ve never owned wool before – do yourself a favor and add it to your wardrobe. Wool is very particular for cleaning and can be subject to extreme shrinking depending on the blend. 

If you are looking for something new to add to your closet, try adding wool to your wardrobe and see if you don’t love the results! 

However, do keep in mind that some people have an allergy to wool. If you are buying new woolen clothes or accessories, first make sure that you can wear these items comfortably. Just a few symptoms of a wool allergy may include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose 
  • Irritation in the eyes 
  • Itchy skin
  • Dry, cracking, or even bleeding areas on the skin

If you’ve been experiencing these issues but writing them off as allergies, pay attention and see whether they’re only present when you’re wearing something woolen. Experiment with a few woolen clothes if possible; if it turns out that you are allergic to wool, seek out another warm fabric such as linen, hemp, organic cotton, etc. 

2. Stay Comfy Inside the House and Out

Some of the best items in anyone’s closet are the ones that you love to wear in the house and yet feel confident and look great when you leave. These are the real gems because they are so comfortable you want to wear them all the time, and they are cute enough to be worn on almost any occasion. If you are looking for some items like this, you need to check out cardigans or a good quality kimono

Outerwear that feels phenomenal and looks even better will become your favorite piece. The great thing about kimonos and cardigans is how they can also be worn with so many different outfits. This kind of stylistic outerwear can go a long way and be paired with multiple pieces. One of the best marks of a great piece of clothing is one that can be incorporated into several outfits. Since fall and cooler weather, in general, are typically associated with layering, outerwear options like a cardigan or kimono are an absolute must! 

3. Keep Some of Your Favorite Summer Clothes

Yes, the temperatures have dropped and no one is asking you to run outside in the cold without the appropriate amount of insulation, but not all of your summer wear needs to be stored. In fact, if you have a favorite skirt or blouse, see if you can’t create some layering magic with your fall clothing. Sometimes this can make unique outfits that you’ll love to wear. 

Throwing on a pair of leggings under your favorite skirt, or layering a blouse you love with a warm flannel, could help bring variety to your fall closet. Not only will it bring variety, but it’s also a way of staying thrifty and using the clothing you own to its max potential! 

4. Scarves Are a Must

Fall is a great time to use scarves as one of your favorite accessories. Scarves come in all kinds of shapes and colors, and finding ways to pair them with your favorite outfits is always a blast. Not only will a scarf keep you toasty warm this fall during the early morning and late night cold, but it will also look great! 

There are several different ways to style a scarf, so you might want to check them out before deciding on a specific outfit. Depending on the weather, your mood, and the outfit in question, consider one of the following styles on any fall day:

  • If the scarf is long, drape it in front and fasten with a belt
  • Drape the scarf evenly at the neck and throw one end to the back over the opposite shoulder
  • Drape the scarf’s end over your front and throw both ends over their respective opposite shoulders
  • Tie both scarf end together at the front and put one end over the other to create a fluffier look
  • If the scarf is square-shaped, fold it diagonally to make a triangle and then tie it around your neck like a neckerchief

There are several other scarf styles that might go with various outfits. If you are feeling confused about which one to pick, call a friend or search online to see what goes with your fall jacket, pants, and so on. 


Finding ways to change up your fall wardrobe is easier than ever. With these tips you can put together a closet you’ll be proud of this fall! 

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